goal is to make a clojure/Java based bot that I can constantly build and push up to dockerhub and the like so self hosting it is as simple as adding an app to your discord account then setting a bot token

Currently implemented commands (mostly) work - with the exception of play, which seems to play audio (bot shows mic activity) but no sound, so not entirley sure why

basically tried to organize the code so adding new command handlers is nice and easy - still to do on it:
- Make it actually play sound (please)
- Ensure it handles playlists and whatnot properly
- Have a complete set of bot related commands
- Completely figure out the configuration/persistent configuration story.
- Set up CI to build and release JAR files and docker containers to DockerHub

Also want to give it a run through some servers, get some feedback on how well it works and docstring/command help improvements

main thinking here is that if i can make this as trivially easy to self host as I can in theory it makes it much harder to take down every instance of - I know fredboat had some self hosting capability but that seems kinda iffy these days

i also like to have little software projcts to work on so......

also potentially figuring out slash command support - should be something i can then delegate to my handlers but no need to do that straight away

oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd i spent like an hour scratching my head at this and wondered where the logs were then realized i needed to include logback and it turned out to be a JDK version thing ughhhhhhhhhh

aalrighttt got a decent working queue output, ability to play tracks/playlists and all the other commands doing what they should, nicee

gonna set up CI stuff on it today (circleci is painfully slow on private repos but oh well), whenever i push a tag im gonna upload an Uberjar and a docker container to run it with

i think once i have paged queue results sorted, I think i have a good basic feature set to release a minor version of

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