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i keep dying trying to do a kinda annoying tarkov quest but at least im going in with like trash and make like 4/5 the cost of the lost gear back each time i scav


broke my legs and was bleeding, from the beginning of a game.
limped across the map and managed out 2 scav kills right before i died at like 30 blood

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died quick with this last game cos i saw ONE person and it was a PMC (who i hit like 5 times and didnt die somehow. then got flanked by him and a pal)

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FUCK tarkov just died without firing a shot cos i rushed a guy with my smg and it didnt fucking fire cos i had incompatible bullets in and it didnt TELL me beforehand

just found out tarkov lets you basically buiild any gun in the modding screen (you can see all attachements, built whatever you want), save it as a preset then click a 'buy parts' button to buy the gun you made, thats so cool

the tarkov music makes me nostalgic somehow to playing like the flash game Raze youtu.be/zr5CCXjnZ8k

im gonna be honest i kinda think cryptos just a huge scam with the sole purpose to kill the planet faster

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