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also i keep playing as scav, seeing someone, not shooting cos i dont want to lose scav rep then getting killed. this time i got DOUBLE teamed so that was nice

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i keep going into tarkov raids with 0 energy and dying its so annoying

playing it solo can be kinda sad sometimes it'd be fun to have 2 or 3 and just have a little roving squad

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is anyone looking into this? The connections are becoming obvious you fools

i do love watching like high level play on something like Tarkov cos like damn that level of total like, map knowledge, knowing exactly what attachments go on which guns, best spots to attack people etc is like crazy how people can think of all that stuff

tarkov are fantastic at trailers im so hyped for the city to actually be in game

dont ever let anyone tell you the gulags weren't fucked up - they put people in them and made them 1v1 in nuketown

Aw shit missed a good pic, went past an abandoned building on the train and it was all smashed up, the roof had collapsed in on itself, maybe some kinda fire or something, graffiti on the side, looked well cool

Also the whole moonquest oil rant is still so fucking funny

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Yogpod and anything with Simon and Lewis is great because there is no 'straight man' between the two they're both fuckin idiots

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@danfoxx Brian blessed prepared scrambled eggs by shouting at them

'whats your wife like?'
"what kind of fucking question is that? What's he gonna say to that? 'SHE'S A RIGHT BATTLEAXE?!'"

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Most of my sense of humour is the bit from yogpod of simon doing a Brian Blessed impersonation

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