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God all the petrol stations are closed cos idiots are panic buying it like mad ffs

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Ughhghh sldpt for a decent amount of time but feel fuckin knackered

I couldn't live in a busy city if i had to listen to twats honking their horns at midnight every night id wanna go ans knock someone out

Me: (looks at scorpia) me
Me: (looks at catra) me
Me: (looks at entrapta ) me!!!

just watched an amazing tarkov video where this guy kills a 9 man squad and then a last guy just stream snipes him (doesnt kill him, but just follows him around), basically steals all the loot and extracts asdjhads

What would YOU do if a fox kisses your nose

Aaahhh..... Im a cuddly little fox im dying i need a hug to survive

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