We started a new thing on netflix this morning and it has this little precious deer/fox and I love them???

I think this game is way up there on the "extremely cute board game tokens" scale

(It's called Cottage Garden!)

I was talking my recent dreams with a local buddy (earth-tooth.tumblr.com) and particularly about how maned wolves and snakes kept showing up the past few nights

They drew a friend in reply

I present to you, the final resting place of one Bud Weiners and one Glad Wieners.

Glad. Wieners.


Okay. I'm not trying to make fun of names but

In that moment, AT THAT TIME, the sheer emotional contrast of seeing that name meant I had to bite my lip so hard it /bled/ to keep from breaking down laughing at a funeral full of (mostly) strangers.

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If you aren't reading you may still enjoy the Best TTRPG Example of Play out of context

Tabletop RPG Chatter 

It also has MAYBE the best example of play in any TTRPG book

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Tabletop RPG Chatter 

If this all sounds a bit abstract and you want something more grounded, that's where Chuubo's comes in.

Chuubo's Marvelous Wish Granting Engine takes Nobilis and smashes it down into a far more mortal-focused scale with a very Ghibli-film tint to its vibes.

You're still looking at wee bits of gods and weirdness and (un)reality, but more as window dressing to slice-of-life and character development.

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You know

I've been meaning to talk indie tabletops so maybe this is a sign

Reminder that my sona is exactly as much witchtrash as I am

(Art by kresendoe)

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