I've been hovering just below 2k followers on Twitter for a few weeks now and it's killing me

I don't really care about follower count just for the sake of it, but more people means more people commissioning me which means I don't have to get a Real Job in January (but it's looking more and more like that might end up being the case)

If I stop drawing for months at a time that's probably why



If any of y'all wanna chip in to my patreon a little that'd help me a lot, even just a couple dollars a month adds up patreon.com/derfisch

And then you get more fisch art too! It's a win/win

I kinda worry about this a lot because if I'm not able to make art anymore I've basically lost my only avenue for making friends who I can emotionally relate to and most of the people I know will probably stop caring about me tbh

I don't want to go back to that

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