r-18; lewd lapras 

What's this? a horny drawing completely of my own volition? that never happens

There was a porn collab with lapras between a bunch of artists recently, but none of em had dicks! it was really sad, so I decided to do it myself. had to do squishy tummy too

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r-18; lewd lapras 

@derFisch oh this is adorable

re: r-18; lewd lapras 

@derFisch mmm very huggable in several places...

r-18; 銈ㄣ儹銇勩儵銉椼儵銈 

@derFisch 鏈杩戙仧銇忋仌銈撱偄銉笺儐銈c偣銉堛亱銈夈偍銉儵銉椼儵銈广偝銉┿儨銇屻亗銈娿伨銇椼仧銆傘亼銇┿併仢銈屻倝銇仼銈屻倐銇娿仭銈撱仭銈撱亴銇傘倞銇俱仜銈撱仹銇椼仧锛佹偛鍔囥仹銇椼仧銆傘仢銇仧銈併亾銈屻倰鎻忋亸銇屽繀瑕併仹銇椼仧銆傘伣銇c仭銈冦倞銇婅吂銈傘

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