Macros are like icecream, very cool and nice, but fuck if I can make any, and having too much makes my head hurt

@efi I like languages like Java and c# because nobody is allowed to do macros

@curls so you'd rather nobody get icecream than me sharing some with you?

@efi icecream hurts my teeth (I am kidding I would like some icecream and/or useful macros)

@curls metaprogramming is great, but sometimes you need some lego figures to keep track of what you're trying to do
pen and paper is not enough

@efi I am spoiled by IDEs and they just don't play well with that stuff. Can't really tell where a function is used if it's in a macro.

@curls well drracket has a macro stepper that lets you examine the process and it's awesome
it's also a separate module so you can use it without drracket ide
it lets you see the macro as is, expanded to code, every step in between and also full expansion of builtin macros if you want, down to ready to run garbage that looks almost like asm

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