the two hottest things a girl can know is radicalizing workers towards unions and tying ropes

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@efi i don't think colleagues talking with each other, and expressing their feelings about their workplace, trying to make it a better place for anyone, is a radical idea. But if it helps you: hell yeah unions are rad af! 😁

@Kinkyflixchen you do not have a boss, do you? have you even ever needed money you didn't have to eat

@efi no, because we have unions, and yes they are great, a basic institution of society, a thing that needed fighting for, an organization of massive historical impact, saving lives in the millions. I just think they are a very basic thing to have.
Just like for people living in democracies the right to vote, right to life, the right to free speech, seem extremely obvious, i can't understand how the absence of unions is anything but a feature of radically undeveloped societies.

@efi sorry that developed from a horny post to political real quick...

@Kinkyflixchen well, you don't seem to be aware of how developed the society you live in is

@efi ummm sorry... i didn't want this to sound arrogant πŸ˜” i just get really angry when i think about how vilified social policies in some countries are. And sad when i think about all fellow workers that are not getting the wages and work conditions they deserve, or even need.

@Kinkyflixchen I get angry too, that's why I want more people fighting and less people being complacent

@efi people here in many european counties are in fact complacent. And maybe we should take the bravery of many people in the US to rouse us and continue on.

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