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oh, fuk, I was playing tetris and almost forgot I gotta go get meds haha

"Heterosexuality is fine, I guess, but i don't want my kids it have to know about it. its disgusting that they would teach that in schools."

@Excuse_haver long ago, the four gumps lived in harmony. until one day, the fire gump attacked

Forest Gump suggests the existence of a plains, mountain, sea, and swamp Gump.

the 80s were great, remember when Mister Mister sang he wanted you to "take~ these chicken wings~ and eat them all away~ they were all free~"?

the aliens come to Earth and ask hey, pals, how far have you been from your planet? and we point to the moon and they laugh and boost the fuck away

public final const global String "Your face is cute"

and ALSO I have functional versions of some functions that return void in opengl, so thank hell half my work is already figured out

what I'm saying is I'm glad I'm using two levels of abstraction over opengl so I don't need to actually deal with it

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