Mastodev thinking 

Mastodon is giving me a newfound reason to hate web development, I'll tell you that.

"If you don't like something about our software, feel free to change it yourself!"

Unmentioned: "But be prepared to constantly upkeep your changes while we move fast and break things, constantly requiring you to reimplement everything all over again to the point of burnout; and if you ever get tired of the upkeep, we'll make sure you can't contact the people you rely on again…"

Mastodev thinking 

I am going to stubbornly backport every breaking change to 1.6 until I can no longer do so, I swear.

Just out of spite of this "move fast and break things" methodology that web dev has embraced.

internet "move fast and break things" ranting 

@KS This reminds me that I recently discovered that the current version of the Twine editor doesn't work in Firefox 56, because of a Javascript method that it uses to publish (export) stories that didn't exist a year ago...


internet "move fast and break things" ranting 

@not_on_pizza @KS I've come to hate web development because of this exact reason. And it's almost entirely the fault of a few, large, for-profit organizations.

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