I think I never posted a Twitter link here, but today that's changing:

Twitter is introducing fucking Twitter Stories (ahem, Fleets), and I figured it's a good time to remind everyone it's finally time to join the Fediverse:


Wanna chime in? Be my guest!

@fribbledom So these are... self-destructing tweets, except they're still stored on Twitter's servers forever but we still pretend that they're not? :blobfoxthonking:

@faoluin @fribbledom Friendica has post expiry except it's a privacy feature.

@likho @fribbledom Unfortunately it's a weak privacy feature at best because it suffers the same flaw as "Fleets" on Twitter or deleted posts on Mastodon. Once your post propagates to a server you can't control, there's no guarantee that the server will actually delete the post at your request. The ones acting in good faith will, but bad actors will not.

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