Telegram, USPol-adjacent 

If you see anyone posting some BS claims about how Telegram purposefully shelters Nazis like Gab or Parler, it's NOT true.

A lot of disenfranchised people use Telegram, ranging from LGBT+ and furries to protesters in other countries. Telegram also has a decent moderation policy; all public channels are moderated, and any users or private channels violating ToS are banned.

If you see this disinformation, especially if you are a Telegram user, please call it out.

Telegram, USPol-adjacent 

@faoluin Telegram's issue is the same as Tor's issue; when you make it so that things are private, people gonna do dodgy shit with it. Vast majority of users are entirely legit, and then there's the tiny extremely horrible minority that makes for the clickbaity bullshit.

Telegram, USPol-adjacent 

@Vordus Indeed. If this comes to pass, Signal or any other encrypted chat service may be next. End-to-end encrypted chat itself may be endangered.

Telegram, DE pol 

They're trying the same shit over here, blaming the popularity and spread of COVID conspiracy theories on it :blobfoxfacepalm:

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