Looking for a general browser preference opinion. Boosts OK!

This kinda blew up like a Michael Bay movie set huh? This was really just for fun, I probably won't do anything with the results. Also I don't have a Soundcloud or anything so go support your local software freedom group.

@faoluin We use top horizontal tabs...but that might just be because we've never tried vertical tabs.

@faoluin On mobile having that on the bottom is a god send, else top is fine :blob_cat:

@soleilael Fair point. I actually had desktop-centric design in mind, but bottom is definitely preferable on mobile. I've also seen them put in a "drawer" on the side.

@faoluin It can be an idea but for one hand usage I personnally find bottom better :blob_cat:

@faoluin Horizontal tabs on top just like my taskbar, except for on my phone there I usually have it at the bottom.
@faoluin Depends on the monitor, horizontal-top is nice on vertical screens but on horizontal screens I would go with vertical-right.

Should be an option in most browsers IMO.

@faoluin The design I implemented for own (desktop) browser is top tabs, unless you pull out the vertical tabs drawer on the left.

My auditory & TV/ereader browser don't/won't have seperate tabs or windows. They'll have a tree-based history view!

@alcinnz @faoluin Tabs shouldn't be on top bc that's where the window manager puts tabs, causing two rows of tavs.

Tabs below the address bar is my ideal, to distinguish the client-side tabs from the server-side tabs.

@Seirdy @faoluin Yes, I did place them beneath the addressbar! There wasn't that distinction in the poll...

Other: no tabs in browser, tabs of choice in the window manager.

@faoluin Anyone with a landscape 16:9 or 16:10 display that votes horizontal, hasn't tried vertical! 😸

@mikael @faoluin i have tried vertical tabs with the firefox tree style tabs extension, but i'm a tab killer, so it didn't do much for me, and i use pinned tabs

@autumnontape @faoluin Oh, good for you (seriously). I aspire to one day become a tab killa!

@faoluin vertical left (TreeStyleTabs in Firefox)

@faoluin other: tab-tree side pane (on the left like when you have the history pane open with ctrl+h in Firefox). There are extensions in Firefox and also has a builtin extension for it.

@faoluin The option I'm personally missing by default is the "no tabs" one (alongside with the "no address bar" option). I figured out that keeping my tabs number to a minimum was a very efficient way to improve my workflow by staying focus on things. If really needed I just open a list of tabs so I can easily switch to the one I need. BTW I'm using the tridactyl or vimperator extension for that (depending on the browser).

Depends on what wastes less space? It might mean that tabs are horizontal until you have 10-20 and then they go vertical? Depending on user prefs?

Prior to using Tor Browser, we suffered tab grift. We would have liked vertical tabs during that time. Having lots of tabs open is not good practice though and we are glad we let that habit pass.

@faoluin I use horizontal tabs top because that is mostly the only option most browsers give but I would either prefer vertical tabs left or drop-down menu of tabs.

@ieure A couple of people have mentioned this preference. Do you just use a single tab or a tab-less browser and rely on your window manager instead?

@faoluin Tabless, I have user chrome that completely hides them in Firefox, and use a tiling WM.

I now believe that program-specific tab implementations are a disgusting hack working around poor DE interaction models. Spatial multiplexing is the WM's job, and it should let you have a window with tabs from multiple programs. One window with browser, shell, notepad, PDF viewer tabs.

Tiling WM is as close as you can get today.

@faoluin firefox is less secure than chromium. firefox has embedded spyware. chrome has embedded spyware.

@faoluin oh, my client didnt render the poll, i only saw the text part. sorry for an unasked-for opinion, the caption (minus the radio buttons) suggested otherwise. :)

@sneak Oh! I see, no worries! I was very confused, lol.

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