LGBTQ+ Issues and Privacy (Please boost) :BoostOK: 

For everyone that says that #IDontHaveAnythingToHide regarding #privacy, I just want to let you know that I am a #transgender woman, living in the same household as my parents, who are not fans of the #LGBTQ+ community, and I have to hide the fact that I'm #trans because I'm not ready to tell my family who I really am until I am able to move out, where I can truly have a place to take refuge to if they don't accept me for who I am.

There's a lot of privilege in the whole 'don't have anything to hide'. It assumes people aren't out to get you just for being who you are, that you can trust cops and government not to persecute you, etc and so forth.

I live 'loud and proud' because I can't do anything else, not because it is safe for me to do so. And I am lucky and privileged in having more safety than many who can't afford to trust our neighbors or government.


@jessmahler As I try to keep telling people, governments can change on a dime. A more tolerant regime could be replaced at any time by an intolerant one, whether they're democratically elected or not. Now all of a sudden you *do* have something to hide.

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@RachaelAva1024 @jessmahler @faoluin I think people who _claim_ to have "nothing to hide" just haven't thought about it enough.

My go-to comeback is to offer to put the entire contents of their phone online (at my cost); nobody has taken me up on this offer. A similar reaction works for "medical records" and "financial information" ;)

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"Don't allow your most desired government anything your most detested could turn against you." A running quote in line with your remark.

* Had to edit and re-draft because quote was wrong. Sorry!

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