did a poll on what my warmup should be yesterday and ampharos and scolipede tied! ain't they sweet


You may have heard that the US DOJ filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

If you haven't read the full text of the lawsuit, I encourage you to do so. It's a bit lengthy, but is fairly easy to read even if you aren't an expert in legal or technical matters.


giving "consumers" a limited window of availability to "purchase" a piece of software (game, movie, music) is such a scummy move and entirely fake introduction of scarcity its actually really pathetic

Show your cat how much you love them with a big hug.

Squish that cat.


In a way he's symbolic of the country as a whole. In his younger days he was healthy, wealthy, and the envy of the world. Now he's old, deteriorating, unhinged, and desperate to relive past glory days while putting off his present problems and not giving any serious thought to his (or anyone else's) future.

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I wonder what his younger self would have thought if he could have seen the caricature that his older self has become. Or had he always been that way, and it was just easier to hide back then?

I guess at some point all the money and TV fame went to his head. Or maybe he became so addicted to wealth and attention that he started making a lot of risky and bad choices in pursuit of vanity. In another life, I'm guessing he would have been the poster child for gambling addiction.

What a waste.

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Just watched a couple of very early interviews of Donald Trump from the 80's. He was 34 years old in one of them - not even old enough to run for the office of President. He was wealthy, handsome, spoke in coherent sentences, and had a bright future ahead of him.


His political views back then were also eerily similar to the strongman conservative views that he espouses today.

corporate hell, microsoft / minecraft news 

@julialuna A yes, another ploy to centralize and mine data for profit.

Screw Microsoft.

Here we go!! I wanted to do a halloween themed pic of my fursona so here she is hehe hope you like it!!

Werewolves don't open 

@toydragon Dammit now I have to brush the fur off my chair!

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