Spontaneous Pride march in Oslo, inspite of the Pride-committee :heartPride:​

A five year old Reddit post just helped me solve a knotty problem.
I hate to think how much useful info is being lost in ephemeral services like Discord, Slack, and IRC.

i knew about the "good" meaning but i had no idea that my name was literally "good girl"

how did this happen

I had an incredible time at Furality Aqua, and I already miss it. <3 The worlds were beautiful, and I made so many new friends who I'm looking forward to seeing more. This was the best time that I've ever had at a convention, and I can't wait for the next one.


@foxhkron It should be stuff that's passed into law by the legislation, except all of our legislators are spineless risk-avoiders bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists. Imagine trying to sit on a three-legged stool that's missing a leg or two, that's about how well our government has worked for the past few decades.

(Our upper chamber is also broken, but that's another issue.)

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