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imagine following the instructions for a product instead of just using it however seems to be the best way

TIL pickles are a meme in the trans community, I guess? :blobfoxthink:

Kitchen tablet now has a kitchen background. (Art by nejumipro on birdsite!)

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Fedi things I’ve noticed since I’ve joined:

1. There’s a lot of unique people here that are utterly different than me. NB, on gender journeys, furries, a kaleidoscope of sexual orientations, and many of them prefer Linux.

2. They all are having more fun, more real candid conversations, and bonding digitally than anything I observed in my decade+ on birdsite.

3. They seem to be fulfilling the original promise of the internet here in these verdant e-valleys while so much of the rest of discourse and networking is scorched earth on its way to ash.

4. I like it here.

Adventures in LineageOS 

And flashed! I think Lineage always surprises me with how easy and stable it generally is, at least on the devices I've tried it on so far.

Unfortunately this tablet is neither popular nor high-end, so the base Android version in the latest ROM is sorely out of date... but for a $50 kitchen tablet, do I really care?

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Adventures in LineageOS 

I finally picked them up today! And then proceeded to spend several hours figuring out how to unlock the damn bootloader. :blobfoxgoogly:

The instructions are in Windows, but fortunately there's a tool for Linux that works just as well, without using Windows.

On to flashing!

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