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Me: A Furry? Me? What gave you that idea?!

My browser:

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So I joined the bandwagon and went set up Retrospring...

I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to ask me anything at all but if you do now you can :blobfoxlaughsweat:

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My love language is leaving a meme in your DMs like a crow bringing you random junk it found in the street.

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"Old enough, no thanks, at the computer"
"No, I mean what's your gender?"
"Yeah, like I said. No thanks."

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Renting, England 

I received this email from the Acorn tenants' union, it's relevant for renters in England:

"The government is running a consultation about introducing a decent homes standard for the private rented sector in England!

Bringing in this standard will improve conditions for millions of households, and will mean that landlords [...] have to make their properties safe, [...] free from disrepair, have reasonable facilities and be a comfortable temperature."

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Why do people hate webp, instead of hating the software that doesn't support it?

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HEY PALS OUR NEW SINGLE IS OUT :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow:

watch 'The Way You Want' on youtube:

get it on bandcamp:

plus it's also on spotify and all the other places!! we worked really hard on this and are super excited for you to see it :3 thank you SO MUCH for your support :heart_trans:

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re: Question about Patreon alternatives 

Found it: Comradery

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Question about Patreon alternatives 

With Patreon continuing to ram their business into the ground [1] the question for good alternatives rises up again.

I vaguely remember a co-op like project being shared on Fedi before, but I don't remember the details and can't find it anymore.

Can anyone give me some pointers?


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Muting all the Twitter crossposters that clutter the Local timeline but never interact here is self care

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nsfw clothed tentacle themed halloween 

for @fl4nn
its spooky time in september

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photos, rubber, latex, latex drone, techwear, catsuit, cyberpunk, gas mask 

A few more photos from the cyberpunk shoot last weekend!
🖤 :sparkles_trans:

In addition to Patreon, you can also support my photography by buying this photo set on Kofi!

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Help a trans guy go to college! 

Hey everyone! I’m starting school soon, and am trying to raise $700 in preparation for it, for my starter kit as well as transportation and food for my first month there!

My commissions are open, potentially for the last time as once I start school I may make a lot of changes about how I navigate the internet.

Donations welcome!
Shares mean the world, anything helps at all!

Venmo: itssailor

Cashapp; $itssailor

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hey trans people in the uk on the charing cross wait-list

you have less than 30 hours before you're kicked out if you don't fill out this form: it should have been emailed to you.

there is never enough reposting this. boost, fav, spread to other platforms, this is extremely time sensitive.

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If anyone wants to support one of the 2 original and independent brands for trans people in Germany paying off a debt and reducing the wait time for pieces of clothing they create:

I have seen no news about this, but the campaign only started yesterday.

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non binary trans people dont owe you androgyny, or femininity, or masculinity. we dont owe you shit about fuck. move on

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my cisgender neighbors will never be able to figure out my gender and that's just how I want it

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how to survive hot summers 

with temps surpassing 40º in the UK and my European friends woefully unprepared to deal with hotter and hotter summers, I thought I'd share how we do it back home.

- Change your wardrobe. Don't wear jeans or thick, tight clothing in summer. Light colours help, but it's less important than the fabric being loose and breathable. Imagine you get a gust of wind; can you feel the wind? Linen fabric and synthetic activewear are great for this.

- Cover all your skin when going out into the sun, either with loose breathable clothing, or sunscreen.

- "But I'm only going to the tram" – if you don't like dying of melanoma, sunscreen yourself before walking under the radiation of the nuclear deathstar in the sky.

- Wear a summer hat and/or sunglasses.

- Always be sipping. Doesn't matter if you feel thirsty or not, carry water bottles everywhere, fill them on taps, sip often. If you don't the symptom isn't necessarily thirst; it's feeling tired, sluggish, brainfog etc., eventually sunstroke.

- Learn how to make hydrating serum (1L water, 20g sugar, 5g salt). In case someone has sunstroke give them serum; it hits faster than pure water. (also good for other forms of dehydration.)

- Tea and coffe hydrate you, even accounting for diuretic effect. Alcohol dehydrates; if drinking alcohol, drink at least the same amount of water with it.

- Give up not sweating. Sweating is good. It's a very efficient evaporative cooling system (that's why you need breathable clothing, and sipping water).

- Cold meals, refrigerated fruit and ice drinks are great. Counter-intuitively, hot drinks cool you down too, by hyping up the sweat system. Same goes for hot-spicy food. (this literally cools you down, look it up.)

- Don't go outside when the sun is high. Don't eat in outside tables when the sun is high. Don't go to parks, pools or beaches when the sun is high. Wait until the deathstar isn't killing you.

- Lower your expectations of productivity. It's the apocalypse, fuck work. Procrastinate in the hot hours. Kill time. Nap. Implement the siesta as an institution.

- The buildings here are more prepared for cold weather than hot. You might want to invest in good fans, or even cold floors. High ceilings are fresher.

- The higher the air humidity %, the less effective is sweating at cooling you. Be extra careful on high-humidity high-temp days.

- summer nights can be surprisingly chilly. don't get caught unprepared in your super-breathable, breezy hot girl look during a temp drop with rain and wind outside 3am.

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The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!

It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

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