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Since it's again I'll just plop this little thing I cobbled together today down here:

Just a very simple page listing all the places I have accounts on / where to reach me as well as some things I host, amongst which is a Mumble server anyone I've talked to before is invited to join.

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Ah, my favorite kind of work meeting: canceled.

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Transact-SQL stands for trans activist squirrel

meta, privacy 

Friendly reminder to enable "Opt out of search engine indexing" in your account settings

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Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When we don't practice proper cable management.

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programming socks? more like debugging dress.

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Moira #8, "Training," is now up on FA. (I'll probably get #9 up in a couple weeks, but will keep the Patreon at least one episode ahead from here out.)

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I kinda hate when people ask "are people really still [blank]". If you have to ask, people still are [blank], and it's kinda dismissive and almost rude to people who do [blank].

It's like "Wow, you're so weird with your bizarre niche hobby that makes you all alone. Meanwhile, I'm over here with my cool popular thing and everyone loves me."

twitter (-) 

Oh cool, Birdsite now limits how far back you can go in someones profile, lovely

Too bad artists won't care...

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Tired: multiple divorces

Wired: previous wifetimes

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I'm working on a series of things for @BestGirlGrace but I feel like bragging about this one so I'm gonna post it here

Isn't Grace fuckin' pretty?

More mail from @zelaphas :blobfoxlaugh:

Looks like it got a little bent on the way, but such is mail

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NSFW. You must be 18+ to view this content: boooooty 

He forgot to close the window last night and the sun woke him up uwu

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NSFW - Two anthro ladies (Jackelope & Weasel) nude on a beach together. 

This piece was voted on and made possible by my Patrons @ ! My characters Karen(Kai) and Clover enjoying some time together~
#furryart #nsfw #mastoart #creativetoot #lesbians #sensual

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NSFW furry art: trans ladies in swimsuits 

I saw this swimsuit ( ) going around and I had to draw it. Then I showed it to Shadeba ( ) and these two had to wear it.

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character ref, vore references 

Now it's Bridget's turn! To be honest, I wasn't sure anyone was even going to know who "Bridget" was when I put her on the list, but she got twice as many votes as any other character, so whether or not you knew who she was when you voted, she's a clear leader.

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tf kink 

be sure to cuddle your local tf victims, they're probably feeling a lot of feelings with all those new hormones raging

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rubber kink 

Don't ya just hate it when you're trying to take a shower, and liquid rubber comes out of the faucet instead of water?

You might say you'd be getting out of there... squeaky clean.

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