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selfies with shiny "clothes", ec 

Originally I wanted to take some proper pictures but couldn't find the mounting plate for my tripod, so grainy phone pics it is...

And somehow I even managed to channel the slightest bit of dom energy?
What is this? How?

Post the most janky part of your current PC setup, I'll start:

This is what happens when the bearing of your GPU stock fan starts to get annoyingly noisy, the price for a replacement fan would be obscene and you have a box full of old case fans


Mom just handed me a plate with beechnuts


self meta 

> shaves face for the first time since years
> shortly after starts listening to techno and rave music

[NSFW] squirrel gets tentacled 

When I saw this YCH from RufusIsTrueBeauty on FA I just couldn't resist, been thinking about getting something like this for a while already so it was just a matter of time until I'd jump onto one oft these ^w^

My favourite little detail probably are the askew glasses x3

Have you seen this squirrel?

They are wanted for gender related crimes.


Christmas tree went out today so it's time to retire the holiday pfp :3

skimpy maid outfit, panties, bulge 

Finally posted some more commissions I got over time over on Weasyl and I believe I didn't post this one here yet.

Commissioned @MysticalSpectre
back in March for a pic of Flann in one of those meme outfits because I was joking about it with some people on Telegram.

Unexpectedly I also ended up getting another picture with that outfit gifted from someone else which you can find here:

Fennec in a bathtub 

May I offer you a bathing Fen in this trying time?

food, apple pie 

Now all that's left to do is hope it's edible :blobfoxlaugh:

More mail from @zelaphas :blobfoxlaugh:

Looks like it got a little bent on the way, but such is mail

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Patreon alternatives, probably fomo? (-) 

Patreon has become such a garbage fire, but all the alternatives I've seen so far are so US centric that they are not feasible for creators outside the US, and I also could not follow people that move there because they tend to only accept credit cards as payment method, which again is a lot less common to have outside of the US...

This is how I imagine @MadestMadness would react if someone were to use Windows in her presence

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