Todays completed project:
putting up new "curtains" in the bedroom


And another pride themed artwork I just received from NekeithFox on Twitter ( earlier this week

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drawn eye contact 

Since has rolled around once again I figured I should finally post some more art from my backlog :blobfoxlaughsweat:

First one is an avatar I got from Andrewthealienn on Twitter [1] back in 2019 when we were hyped for the pride pins crowdfunding from Fursona Pins [2]


picture of me, ec 

Went to Utrecht today for the Trans Zorg U protest and met up with a friend I haven't seen since 2018

Also got a bunch of comments on my shirt, next time I should probably have the URL for @maia 's TeePublic store handy :blobfoxlaughsweat:

ngl, this colour kinda slaps

although it looks more red-ish than it really is in the picture...

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non-humanoid dildo 

Another something that arrived in the mail last week :blobfoxlaughsweat:

Starside [1] did a raffle on FA, somehow I ended up winning, and this is what I picked :blobfoxsmug:


Got some mail from @anaisfae last weekend :blobfoxhappy:

When I saw the original watercolours of the squirrel being up for sale I just couldn't resist, this photo really isn't doing the pieces justice :blobfoxaww:

Definitely some room for improvement but also not absolutely terrible for a first try :blobfoxlaughsweat:


Guess who messed up actually attaching the image :BlobhajSadReach:

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It has come to my attention that today is first Advent Sunday, time to dig out the Christmas pfp from @kiaunAD that @cotta gifted me years ago

[NSFW] squirrel gets tentacled (again), oviposition 

Will I ever learn not to wander into strange caverns?
Probably not...

This is a YCH I got from HornedMelon on FA last month and figured posting it today would be fitting thematically :P

Artists Submission:

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Me: A Furry? Me? What gave you that idea?!

My browser:

selfies with shiny "clothes", ec 

Originally I wanted to take some proper pictures but couldn't find the mounting plate for my tripod, so grainy phone pics it is...

And somehow I even managed to channel the slightest bit of dom energy?
What is this? How?

Post the most janky part of your current PC setup, I'll start:

This is what happens when the bearing of your GPU stock fan starts to get annoyingly noisy, the price for a replacement fan would be obscene and you have a box full of old case fans


Mom just handed me a plate with beechnuts


self meta 

> shaves face for the first time since years
> shortly after starts listening to techno and rave music

[NSFW] squirrel gets tentacled 

When I saw this YCH from RufusIsTrueBeauty on FA I just couldn't resist, been thinking about getting something like this for a while already so it was just a matter of time until I'd jump onto one oft these ^w^

My favourite little detail probably are the askew glasses x3

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