More mail from @zelaphas :blobfoxlaugh:

Looks like it got a little bent on the way, but such is mail

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Patreon alternatives, probably fomo? (-) 

Patreon has become such a garbage fire, but all the alternatives I've seen so far are so US centric that they are not feasible for creators outside the US, and I also could not follow people that move there because they tend to only accept credit cards as payment method, which again is a lot less common to have outside of the US...

This is how I imagine @MadestMadness would react if someone were to use Windows in her presence

selfie, crossdressing, ec 

Since my brother came back home yesterday I wanted to see how he'd react to this (spoiler: his reaction was non-existent)

Yes, I did shave my shoulders and chest for this, I'd like to opt out of body hair now please, thanks.

AaaAaaaa, after a little more than a year they are finally here! :blobfoxaww:

crossdressing selfie, ec 

So I tried out some dresses mom ordered but wants to return because they're to small for her,,,

Now I'm tempted to just ask her to keep them tomorrow :blobfoxterrified:

eye contact 

Second one is from @kiaunAD whom I may have joked with about what we dubbed the "naughty rodents get put in the frosting bag" meme going around on Twitter

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eye contact 

Hey it's again and this week I actually have something to post about thanks to some unexpected gift art :blobfoxmelthappy:

First one is this piece I found in my Twitter inbox from Galo,,,

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vorny (image CW: implied vore) 

Found these pictures earlier today and been in a vorny mood ever since, not sure if I'd rather be the snack or the one doing the snacking though >.>

Anyway, pretty pred squirrel girl belonging to Jeschke, drawn by @SoLongBunny

Okay, I made some minor edits, the dimensions are slightly different and as @moonbolt noted I adapted the original colours.
Also added metadata with the license and note to the original artist as noted at

The updated SVG is here:

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I couldn't find an SVG of the progress variant of the pride flag so I went and made one based on the image in this article:

I put the SVG here:

Hope it will be useful for somecreature


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