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Officially announcing that my debut retrowave album is dropping on November 5th!

If you want to be notified when the album comes out just click the follow button on my Bandcamp page!


🎧 🦊 🎵


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2 Disabled Trans Queer Adults seeking housing!!

my husband and i need to move out of our current situation as quickly as possible, we are seeking either roommates or cheap housing basically anywhere in the US

we have 2 dogs, both are very well-behaved and quiet. 1 is a blue heeler mix and the other is a bully mix

the only stipulations i have is that i need to be able to get state insurance, as i am poor and disabled. Places with legal marijuana are a plus

DM me if you have any info!!

All Windows (n) has ever done is make people like Windows (n-1)

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:revblobfoxuwu: Nudist

:blobfoxdrakelike: Anti-Fashionista

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Zoom stop fucking with my audio settings

(yes I already disabled it's automatic volume adjustment and yet...)

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Oh, looks like @Mycroft beat me to it xD


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Normalize being able to leave group chats where you haven't said anything for 6+ months without 5 people DM'ing you being all "what did we do 🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢"

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SFW furry art: convenient censorship 

Commission for twitter.com/TheVaruna, enjoying clear skies and open fields.

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Painted icon for @fl4nn ! <3 Thank you so much for your constant patience!

I really like how this lad came out! It was a good chance to practice a couple lighting styles I've been wanting to see if I could merge together!

Like my art? It'd make my day if you would buy me a coffee!

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My work has been moving pretty slowly this last month while I'm getting used to some new medications.  I want to thank all my current clients for their patience as I'm now starting to get back to drawing again.

In the meantime, I am running behind on rent and other expenses.  If anyone would like to commission something with the understanding that it might be some time before I can begin work on it, I'm happy to add new names to my commission queue.

Let's be honest, big and squishy /anything/ good :blobfoxaww:

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what do you call a very clingy coyote? 

A symbiyote

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