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I just dumped a pot of goulash out of the fridge into the kitchen, how's your night going? :blobfoxcry:

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Hacking scene where the character spends five minutes of screen time cursing and tracking down where they left out a comma

[NSFW] squirrel gets tentacled 

When I saw this YCH from RufusIsTrueBeauty on FA I just couldn't resist, been thinking about getting something like this for a while already so it was just a matter of time until I'd jump onto one oft these ^w^

My favourite little detail probably are the askew glasses x3

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It’s squirrel appreciation day! Tree rodent liking is now mandatory

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[NSFW] nude aroused squirrel girl 

There was a request for an aroused squirrel on my suggestions list so I went with Tris for this one.

She was supposed to be a character for an eventual continuation of the XEN comic but since that won't happen for quite some time she's pretty much here for fanservice.

#furryart #squirrel

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giving werewolves some jerky as a treat when they do a good job

is this a cute thing to do?? I need answer

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Be nice to your rodent neighbours :ms_squirrel:

From what I saw from others that used to have an account there it just went poof without warning one day :/

I'm disappointed no one made a "420 blaze it" joke


Well to me Telegram over WhatsApp already is a big win, sure it has issues but it's by far not the worst

Somehow I'm not even surprised, the birdsite crew seems to be allergic to the good old art gallery xd

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oh, here's a question... for people who need eye contact tagged, do you also need eye contact by animals and / or inanimate objects tagged? i have a hypothesis

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Holy crap people, READ things more carefully.

The vast majority of Telegram's new users are coming from WhatsApp; they're NOT mostly fascists from Parler.

Please don't let this split the great furry community on Telegram. Why let the fascists win? We were there first!

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Hey before you quit Telegram about their celebration of new users? They are coming from WhatsApp, not Parler, seriously click the link in the announcement. <6% is NA. WhatsApp is sharing data with Facebook, that’s why this happened.

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