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hey guys, one of my friends is an ukrainian queer refugee that is currenty residing in Germany with his mother that has chronic health problems. they're near Munich, in Ergolding.

they have been experiencing troubles with housing and healthcare.

does anybody know any services or groups that help find a place to stay and medical assistance for ukrainian refugees in this area? please provide contacts and links.

this question is time sensitive, we have a week or so. please share.

*me, using furry avatars for (internal) work accounts*
Where's the problem?

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OH: "I call this my-squirrel! You know, like post-grey-squirrel and squirrel-light?" 😣

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re: World pol 

I wonder if that's just incompetence: symbolism over thinking what it means for people in need; or actual malice, knowing what has been going on at outer European borders for years now.

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naked ferret girl on all fours, nothing explicit visible, ec 

Mix again because I can

#FurryArt MastoArt #PinUp

You probably need a bit of luck to find something good though

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Furry pin ups 

Forgot about cropping, so here are two furry commissions I took last year #furry #nsfw

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DE, warntag shitpost 

Ein bisschen enttäuscht dass niemand die ganzen Alarm Posts heute zum Anlass genommen hat diesen Klassiker auf zu greifen:

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There's this neat thing called Nitter, it even let's you subscribe to people via RSS


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she thinks she deserves love, alas, she is merely an old, potato werewolf

re: gerpol, yesterdays coup attempt arrests, todays test alarms, shitpost 

Schon sehr clever von den Reichsbuergern das am Tag vor dem Probealarm zu planen /s

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