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Gotta love watching my following list shrink as people move back to twitter of all places,,,

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when the moon hits your eyes
and you begin to terrorize
that's a werewolf

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for people moving accounts around 


it's not a loyalty thing

you shouldn't feel you're letting anyone down by moving or staying

it's a defederated space, we're all meant to spread out

rivalry between platforms is something encouraged by walled garden corporatism, don't fall for that toxic shit

wherever you're most comfortable, everybody should be happy you're happy to be there

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Advice: If there are people here that you like, even if they are not people of color or other people who routinely get run off of the fediverse… gather them up. Form an intentional community elsewhere. In parallel. Think of the fediverse as a block party. Not everything is appropriate for a block party. Throw a dinner party.

Small, intentional communities are important. Make a Discord or a forum or a Slack thing or whatever. Form those deeper bonds of support and care.

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Meta (Not about Snouts) 

We need strong, intentional moderation with no nonsense policies. Moderation ought to be a discipline, not a joke. Otherwise we have situations where people being bad actors is a matter of opinion rather than a decision about how to move forward. Lingering and sitting on the fence with bigots isn't helpful for anyone.

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This is an incredible guide for how to pirate essentially anything! 😃

I can't tell y'all enough how much I love this list 😊

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this dude reacting to things is wholesome
(cw it's memes about LGBT+ erasure)

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skimpy maid outfit 

I am dead and @kiaunAD killed me

I'm loving this

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I took a nap and now I don't wanna get up again, help

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Nothing beats some cool rain in a forest UvU

Done for miniimooz on Instagram


► Art © TeaLBiTZ ( ) ◄
Character (Kira) - miniimooz ( )

Gonna drive ~700km at the end of October to see @cotta again for a week so that's something nice to look forward to ^w^

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macro thought 

Your giant girlfriend has found mini donuts that fit around you *just* tightly enough to pin your arms to your sides. She says the way you shiver and squirm as she nibbles you free of each one is utterly adorable.

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look if I'm doing something wrong just DM me

I can't guarantee that I'll change my behaviour if I disagree with whether or not it's wrong but I'll let you know so you can just happily block me :)

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nsfw furry porn!!! wet dragon titties 

Patreon reward for Aquilak ( )!

this is why you don't cheap out on swimsuits

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Vix Doodle
A little doodle of Vix to practice a sort of "looking up" shot. And, to practice what a 'sketch' looks like to me.

Character belongs to they've got some fun comics and art! Cheggemout.

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