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tf, lewd, and impending seasonal! 

@Pathia happens to brew an interesting herbal tea this time of year.

as @IrisKalmia has found out.

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Old #Christmas art from 2017. This was from a contest at the time, someone giving me and idea involving their character and mine. This then became my #naughty card for the year. #traditionalart #bondage

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upcoming mass(todon) migration! 

PSA: instagram is changing its terms of service starting 12/20 to more strictly ban/delete lewd/sexual content on its platform.

many sex workers and sex educators are looking for a new home, and mastodon has been mentioned many times as an alternative option.

don’t be surprised if you start to see an influx of lewd content and SWers on this platform starting next week!

i hope fedi is excited to host more SWers!! if i see y’all slutshaming i will call you out.

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cloud computing:
- have to learn words like "containers" and "deployment"
- limited number of computers you can use
- gets expensive if you accidentally leave it running overnight
- only runs on modern hardware, or on VMs

- operated using hand-rolled irc commands
- 1337
- completely free
- full fleet of windows xp machines at your disposal

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Torturing C developers by saying “hashtag include”

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ffs why do foss mailing lists have to be such toxic dumpster fires...

Seems we just got the first snow this year overnight and it looks like it's here to stay...

Time to set the mood with some black metal

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Bigot: "People out there legitimately think there are seven genders or something."

Me: "What? That's rediculous."

Bigot: "Right?"

Me: "There are way more than seven"

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It still boggles my mind that the mainstream idea of making monsters hotter is making them more human. This is ESPECIALLY prevalent in anime, and ESPECIALLY with female monsters. Bunch of cowards.

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Lewd shitpost 

Eating Cthulhu's pussy, because I like seafood.

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this is a horny pic. two furry ladies hanging out at the club. but also like, their dresses are really high cut on the skirt and yeah okay I drew notable girlbulges again, so sue me. Also there's alcohol in this one. 

for @cozykaffe and friend!!

I learned how to imply club scenery from watching Batman Beyond

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nsfw furry porn!! a dick too high to reach 

Patreon reward for CabeBedlam ( )!

someone get that rabbit a stepstool

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sfw, but fetish adjacent furry art (korps related) 

Be careful which parallel universe version of yourself you make deals with. Sometimes they may be a fae Dis-kae-cer Beast with ALTERIOR PLANS

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