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[NSFW] nude aroused squirrel girl 

There was a request for an aroused squirrel on my suggestions list so I went with Tris for this one.

She was supposed to be a character for an eventual continuation of the XEN comic but since that won't happen for quite some time she's pretty much here for fanservice.

#furryart #squirrel

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giving werewolves some jerky as a treat when they do a good job

is this a cute thing to do?? I need answer

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Be nice to your rodent neighbours :ms_squirrel:

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oh, here's a question... for people who need eye contact tagged, do you also need eye contact by animals and / or inanimate objects tagged? i have a hypothesis

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Holy crap people, READ things more carefully.

The vast majority of Telegram's new users are coming from WhatsApp; they're NOT mostly fascists from Parler.

Please don't let this split the great furry community on Telegram. Why let the fascists win? We were there first!

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Hey before you quit Telegram about their celebration of new users? They are coming from WhatsApp, not Parler, seriously click the link in the announcement. <6% is NA. WhatsApp is sharing data with Facebook, that’s why this happened.

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Telegram, USPol-adjacent 

If you see anyone posting some BS claims about how Telegram purposefully shelters Nazis like Gab or Parler, it's NOT true.

A lot of disenfranchised people use Telegram, ranging from LGBT+ and furries to protesters in other countries. Telegram also has a decent moderation policy; all public channels are moderated, and any users or private channels violating ToS are banned.

If you see this disinformation, especially if you are a Telegram user, please call it out.

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FOSS hot take 

Some people #OnHere have lots of gripes with FOSS and they're absolutely right in that. But some of the problems in both the software and the community are actually way worse in proprietary software and the tech industry, so ⁉️

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Does anyone know artists in the EU that do art full time as their work? Wife is still looking for someone to ask questions of.

Have you seen this squirrel?

They are wanted for gender related crimes.


Christmas tree went out today so it's time to retire the holiday pfp :3

So I joined the bandwagon and went set up Retrospring...

I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to ask me anything at all but if you do now you can :blobfoxlaughsweat:

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Curious about the setting of my works?

I've set up a Retrospring since apparently Patreon only lets Patrons comment even if the post is Public [1]


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a plea 

you wouldn't federate with gab

you wouldn't federate with 4chan

you wouldn't federate with facebook

you wouldn't federate with any unmoderated, nazi-infested site

let's stop linking to twitter

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a plea, this somehow turned into a subpost I think 

Also please stop promoting your Twitter giveaways when you won't at least also give an option for folks to enter on here

"What if I don't have Twitter?
Too bad." is the worst

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[NSFW] nudity, playing with candy canes, eye contact 

Happy holidays from Pixi 👀​💦

#FurryArt #yiff

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NSFW. You must be 18+ to view this content: gay furry porn 

This hare drank all of Santa's milk, but he still has one more cookie left. Hopefully, you brought a bit more milk for him to enjoy~

I hope you all are having as much of a wonderful time as you can this holiday season. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves 💕

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[NSFW] female nudity, nipples, eye contact 

This #pinup was a Christmas special of sorts for my Patrons last month.

Still a little sad Santa didn't bring Nova around for a visit...

#furryart #bunny #rabbit

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