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Today is @cotta and I's anniversary and as a surprise gift for them I got this little thing from @kiaunAD

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friends, has been updated to fix those awful new captive links - right clicking the timestamp of a toot will once again give you the toot’s canonical URL instead of a URL that keeps you on

the patch in question is located here if you’re an instance admin familiar with applying patches to mastodon and you also don’t like the twitter-fication of mastodon.

Because I just saw a post about it:
If someone is signing up for Weasyl and needs someone to vouch for their account, hit me up

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Exodus...*to* FurAffinity?! 

I've seen a fair number of people in the furry fandom saying they're retreating back to their old standby, FurAffinity, in the wake of what's happening over at Twitter.

Can I...*sigh*...can I respectfully ask that we don't?

First of all, yes, I realize I have a bias here. Back in 2015, I worked my ass off for months to rewrite FA's code to a more modern version, only for it to all be discarded in the end after a brief payment dispute with their then-parent company, IMVU.

In any case, there are SO many reasons why FA should *not* be your site of choice moving forward:

1) It's not just centralized, but locked in: FA intentionally has NO way to bulk export your profile there, limits any programmatic scraping of your own account, and refuses to build any API. This is all designed to keep you from being able to easily leave.

2) It's not secure: if you were worried by the exodus of Twitter's InfoSec team, you should know FA never had one to begin with. They depend largely on a single developer whose code knowledge is at least 15 years old. There have been many leaks of data, passwords, etc...and everyone who's seen the code (myself included) says it's a nightmare.

3) It probably doesn't match your value structure: FA's content moderation team has been embroiled in several controversies, many of which suggest they're sympathetic to (or at least not rushing to ban) the right-wing part of the fandom that actively wants to harm LGBTQ+ folks.

4) Everything that made Twitter fail in two weeks is the story of FA's whole existence: FA is run by a single overconfident, underskilled and insecure guy who keeps those loyal to him in his inner circle, regardless of their competence. The culture is toxic at best, and has chewed up and spit out dozens of talented, passionate folks who really wanted to help the fandom.

I know some of you hate the idea of Mastodon or Cohost. I don't know why, but please don't make FA the only place I can find you or your content. 💖

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gender isn't real it can't hurt you

(also you can be any gender you want to be. just make one up. i'm not the boss of you)

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Let’s try it!!


I want to kick this account off with a tiny raffle, raffling away one colored sketch like the examples below! :) SFW only!

Boost this post + follow me to enter!

Will let this run exactly 24h to keep it short!

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Adorable piece for Jyris of their friends sona, a very sweet red panda gal! ❤❤
Feel free to comment below, I love to hear from you!

See art early and get rewards on patreon;
Commissions are Open! Info here;

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time to get spooky

another revisit of a piece from last year

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latex, rubber, photo, cyberpunk, helmet 

🖤 💚 💖 💚 🖤

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sfw pokemons 

for extremenyoom on twitter

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[NSFW] nudity, ec, not sure if this warrants a food cw? 

A silly suggestion put in after a silly comment in my Telegram group about calling @fl4nn "puddin"

I suppose you could call Trisa a snack now :revblobfoxowomlem:

Getting all of that syrup out again will probably be a nightmare though...

The whole thing was made in a hurry but with having wound up also making a second version with a mess of a different kind I think it ended up pretty well

#FurryArt #PinUp

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NSFW furry art: mice pegging mice 

Commission for @Tris_the_mouse, trying out a universal adaptor.  Adapter?  Hang on, I have to look this up now.

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Everyone wanted me to draw my fursona as a hot cute bean babe so here she is being a hot babe but also a cute bean

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nsfw explicit sex also cats 

cats with round glasses RISE UP. for enbyfenby on fa/picarto and cat on top is NotSoSecretPhox on twitter

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NSFW furry art: trans chipmunk gal 

Commission for @prehensile, looking prettier every day.

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