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Moira #8, "Training," is now up on FA. (I'll probably get #9 up in a couple weeks, but will keep the Patreon at least one episode ahead from here out.)

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I kinda hate when people ask "are people really still [blank]". If you have to ask, people still are [blank], and it's kinda dismissive and almost rude to people who do [blank].

It's like "Wow, you're so weird with your bizarre niche hobby that makes you all alone. Meanwhile, I'm over here with my cool popular thing and everyone loves me."

twitter (-) 

Oh cool, Birdsite now limits how far back you can go in someones profile, lovely

Too bad artists won't care...

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Tired: multiple divorces

Wired: previous wifetimes

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I'm working on a series of things for @BestGirlGrace but I feel like bragging about this one so I'm gonna post it here

Isn't Grace fuckin' pretty?

More mail from @zelaphas :blobfoxlaugh:

Looks like it got a little bent on the way, but such is mail

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NSFW. You must be 18+ to view this content: boooooty 

He forgot to close the window last night and the sun woke him up uwu

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NSFW - Two anthro ladies (Jackelope & Weasel) nude on a beach together. 

This piece was voted on and made possible by my Patrons @ ! My characters Karen(Kai) and Clover enjoying some time together~
#furryart #nsfw #mastoart #creativetoot #lesbians #sensual

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NSFW furry art: trans ladies in swimsuits 

I saw this swimsuit ( ) going around and I had to draw it. Then I showed it to Shadeba ( ) and these two had to wear it.

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character ref, vore references 

Now it's Bridget's turn! To be honest, I wasn't sure anyone was even going to know who "Bridget" was when I put her on the list, but she got twice as many votes as any other character, so whether or not you knew who she was when you voted, she's a clear leader.

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tf kink 

be sure to cuddle your local tf victims, they're probably feeling a lot of feelings with all those new hormones raging

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rubber kink 

Don't ya just hate it when you're trying to take a shower, and liquid rubber comes out of the faucet instead of water?

You might say you'd be getting out of there... squeaky clean.

Since it's again I'll just plop this little thing I cobbled together today down here:

Just a very simple page listing all the places I have accounts on / where to reach me as well as some things I host, amongst which is a Mumble server anyone I've talked to before is invited to join.

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[NSFW] nude aroused squirrel girl 

There was a request for an aroused squirrel on my suggestions list so I went with Tris for this one.

She was supposed to be a character for an eventual continuation of the XEN comic but since that won't happen for quite some time she's pretty much here for fanservice.

#furryart #squirrel

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non white users I can never fault for wanting to leave here, they have often been forced into trauma on here due to the systemic racism, had demands placed on them to be the ones to fix it, and had their concerns pitter out with platitude support.

but like when a bunch of white users are like "this place is racist so imma leave" like guys.... we're the problem. the ones with ingrained white supremacy, socialised casual anti blackness ect and you're gonna carry that wherever you go. we can attempt to self crit and fix fedi so one day maybe black users will feel safe, but scattering and divorcing ourselves from the racism doesn't solve shit because you carry that socialised racism wherever you're gonna go and here we can at least work on it. we have all the tools here and all the oversight to do it ourselves, it's in our hands to build our own anti racist space not to just run to some other place every time the honeymoon phase ends

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Hey folks. I've started to see rumblings in the wake of the big shakeup and I just have this to say:

Good people respect other folks' decision to move to another instance. It's all one big fediverse and there's literally no reason to be insulted that someone isn't sticking around during major changes.

Don't ostracise folks for moving from somewhere they no longer feel comfortable, whatever the reason.

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