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Kinda tempted to swing up to Devil's Tower this year.

I don't remember much about Shrek 3, but this line still makes me snicker.

I purchased this game called Dumpster Diver and I am very amused. 🦝

Bringing my 'yote out on an adventure to see comedy show thing by

He's never been to comedy show and been loooooong time since I have so curious how it shall go.

This Stitch figure I got with gift card stuff is, as the kids say, a mood.

There is more content creators out there making shows and movies that are committing to the gay, but always could be MORE.

(This brought to you by article about how "this is a platonic friendship, we think it is valuable to have close male friendships portrayed" and I'm :\ )

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2022 ended with a bottle of Martinelli's spewing like a geyser upon opening so not sure what sort of omen that is for 2023.

On no. I caved for too many used books again.

I need to make a point in 2023 to dig through and evaluate (aka read) my previously caved for used books. >.>

However if I look up a fictional book involving a St. Bernard, Cujo is the main result.

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There's this book I vaguely remember from elementary school. The only clear details I remember are:
- told from the point of view of a St. Bernard
- the dog being given apple pie a la mode

If you ever wanna read a hidden treat of a webcomic, totally recommend checking out Once There Was a Monster. 'Tis a 90-ish page tale about a young badger and coyote dealing with a monster (sort of):

Gods, I love scrolling through stuff I've reblogged in my Tumblr. 'Tis like little bits and pieces of the best parts of the internet that I've curated for my own enjoyment.

I've been enjoying sampling Puss In Boots: The Last Wish reviews on YouTube because a fair dose of them are a dazed/shocked/confused/surprised "Wait, how is a Puss in Boots sequel THIS GOOD?"

My thoughts on season three so far are the same as my thoughts on season one and two:

More dæmons please. Sometimes feels like Pan is the only one.

(Yes, I know they are bound by budgetary restrictions, but a raccoon can still dream.)

Needed to take a break after Natty Gann.

Now to the final movie in this snow-dog-ish marathon: Balto.

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Natty Gann Update: This isn't so much a dog movie as grim cross country road trip across depression era America. But there is a cute wolf dog and the child actor is good so 👍

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