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can confirm i'm beautiful (i'm absolutely not biased at all, obviously)

spoilers for david weber's *out of the dark* 

like, i caught hint of it sometimes, and can logically get that there must be characterization in there, and even sort of guess where it's at

but... it's just not how i write. not even close.

so it was strange reading it! but overall it was a fun ride, and i had a good time~

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spoilers for david weber's *out of the dark* 

i recently finished *Out of the Dark* by david weber and it was a fun, but strange, experience. not because of the vampires (i already knew about that) but because of weber's writing style.

it's the first book by him i've read, and while i enjoyed it and will be reading more, his characterization style is so antithetical to my own that to me, it seemed almost like there was no characterization at all

if we define magic as "using an internal process in an entirely organic being without outside assistance to convert one form of energy to another in order to enforce a specific effect on the external world" than statistically, magic *does* exist somewhere in the universe

like, the universe is big enough that anything that can happen, no matter how improbable, *will* happen. somewhere. at some point.

whether we're around to witness it is another matter entirely


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