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This one is still doing the rounds. Dont forget though, if you really want people to fight Putin this way, fight for safe, connected bike infrastructure. #cities #bikes #urbanism

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cops, copaganda 

It's amazing and worrying how much of the public's view of police comes from cop shows where forensics and profiling are depicted as sciences employed by hero-savants when the reality is they're no better than crime scene phrenology.

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Awfully bold to attempt to assert you're going to build a secure end to end encrypted DM implementation while holding social and political views that alienate everyone who knows how to build a secure end to end encrypted DM implementation

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FOXXO FACT: Foxes can in fact help prevent computer viruses! (as long as you give them pets) #fox

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having a clause for "unpopular opinions voiced respectfully" is how you get an instance of people like himmlerfan88 posting about "high crime zip codes" and sexhaver69 posting weird replies to selfies while the rest of your userbase wonders why the instance has gone into the toilet recently


I feel like I've... lost my creativity? My passion for stories?

It's increasingly uncomfortable for me when I encounter people who still have that flame of worlds burning inside them, because I used to carry that fire as well. And now I've just got ashes inside.

In this world, there is nothing you can trust.

Except git. Using git is like a warm hug. git will always be there for me.

the job of a widget toolkit is to provide a consistent and broad set of application functionality to developers and users alike.

what I'm saying is Windows no longer has a widget toolkit.

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Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You're annoying the wolves
Don't fucking awoo

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Q: How many devs on a message board does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Why are you trying to do that?

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Im going to stay and fight

No youre not. It isnt a battleground. It is owned by one man who will do what he likes as long as he can and hes able to continue to do so because you are creating statistics he is using to sell ad space and make it look like the platform is more active than ever.

You are enabling him, even with your fighting. Wake up. Thats what he wants. It HELPS him. Youre literally working for the man free of charge. #birdsite #twitter #TwitterMigration

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sticking around to fight by tweeting is a) useless, and b) counterproductive. masters tools etc etc

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I know you think youre being funny, but honestly Dave, its just hurtful.

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absolutely shameless manufacturer plug 

Intex, yes the mass market inflatable goods manufacturer, is like the only company I buy from where I can *see* R&D and product improvements year over year.

More companies like Intex plz

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It sucks that C#... doesn't have a standard UI toolkit anymore like Java and Python do :blobfoxcry:

"How do I make a GUI with C#?"
"You don't. Perish."

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