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I don't understand cars that have big tall middle consoles keeping the driver and passenger from snuggling :blobfoxsnuggle:

What, is Detroit your fucking camp counselor?

wow, apparently the nftables community grew explosively during the last 2 years

Emacs came from MIT and vi came from Berkeley so we could technically describe the unix editor wars as an East Coast vs West Coast rivalry but we do not do this

Fairies and Corgis 🧚 🐶 first painting I did on Clip Studio Paint, based on a TikTok describing the Welsh myth of Fairies riding corgis to battle.
#fantasy #corgi #fairy #illustration #myth #clipstudiopaint

Never underestimate the data throughput of a trebuchet full of SD cards.

the feminine urge to fork this stupid dependency

when an american man walks into a quaint wee pub in Scotland and announces he is 1/8th Scottish, we all leap up with tears in our eyes & cry out "a lost son of Alba is returned to us!" and everyone busies round him and gets him a whisky and an old lady called Morag tearfully hugs him and calls him a bonny lad, and we all ask him to marry our bonny daughters, and the auld men start up a ceilidh tune and we teach him to dance like a Scot and when he's all tired out we cut off his head and eat him

Panic has in their possession an internal iPod prototype and they decided to finally write about it

If I was using AGPL code I would simply comply with the license

Dune is about how sand is course and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere

while engaging in passive activities such as films or lesson, please do not forget to provide enrichment for your adhd friends by passing them entertaining objects such as ;
-pens (clickable)
-very small pieces of paper
-difficult to eat snacks

thank u

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