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honestly, "so gay that it's illegal in russia" should be used as a selling point

(though I feel the bar for getting banned there might be very low these days)

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Said it before, saying it again: an industry-accurate and practical computer science curriculum could skip all the stuff about data structures and algorithms and just do an intensive 4 year study of software and data versioning.

You wouldn't think much of rats shedding until after an hour of playing with your tiny friend you're just coated in rat fur

Little shedding monsters

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*fox glitching around with head stuck in snow, with HL2 sounds*

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Civilization 2's Cultural Advisor supports my theory that being an Elvis is kind of a timeless disorder that has affected people throughout history, and Elvis was just the most famous person affected

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once again, lack of understanding of statistics makes people believe in magic and conspiracy theories. goddammit lol

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chatgpt cannot think, let alone read your mind. its an illusion. human behavior has predictable patterns, and chatgpt just mimics it based on whats statistically likely. it doesnt even confidently get facts wrong, because it cannot feel confidence, and it cannot get concepts

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One of the weirder things about learning French has been how many Vocabulary Words from Marxism turn out to be just like words in French just regular French words that early Marxist writers were just using, as words, because they spoke French

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Society: You cant take or sell drugs or well put you in jail. Drugs lead to a life of suffering and squalor.

People: So suffering and squalor are bad?

Society: YES

People: And youll help lift me out of suffering and squalor?

Society: lol no

People: . . .


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Why a code of conduct and glue work cant be ignored in open source. A variation on the XKCD cartoon.

Had a dream that I had some weird knock-off 8086 that could run 286 games like Commander Keen

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Nightwish fans will be familiar with this song. "Wishmaster". Good one, right? Here it is, for those unfamiliar:


Now, this is a cover of the above song that I recently discovered by Van Canto:


Y'all I cannot keep a straight face when I listen to that cover. They're all

Diddly diddly diddly diddly DUM DUM DUM DUM

and it just cracks me up so much. It's amazingly well done for what it is but it makes me laugh too much. Tell me what you think!

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Ukraine news: school library. 

Mariupol: this is what the Russians do to Ukrainian schoolbooks - they chucked the library and textbooks outside and replaced them with Russian ones. This is from school number 41 in Mariupol under Russian occupation
#LibraryTalk #booktoot #Education #Mariupol #Schools #educate #LanguageLearning #Ukraine #EduTooter #SchoolPolitics #EduToot #KidLit #Bookstodon #BookMastodon #Books #RussianWorld #Library

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Ridership on Bostons fare-free (MBTA) buses more than doubled in the first year:

"The data says a fare-free system makes good economic sense. These are political choices. [因 to have a world-class transit system, we need greater investment."

Article ∴ wgbh.org/news/local-news/2023/


no problem is so bad you can't make it worse by adding a market

food food food 

we as a society really regressed when we stopped being all about stuffed pizza crusts

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grotesque imagery 

My hobby: whenever a company I own shares in has a vote, going through and voting the opposite of what the board recommends

fuck corporate boards; they'd sell their childhood hound for meat if they thought they'd turn a couple cents of profit

@left_adjoint I think I'm at a very high risk of being culturally very left behind here :dragngrimace:

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