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Netflix promoting a show called "Married at First Sight" with a thumbnail reading "WHY KNOT?"

Stop that at once, Netflix

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I'm sorry, but when you are dealing with stuff like baking, you really need to be focusing on EXACT measurements. You NEED to go metric.

Not fuckin cups. Not fuckin teaspoons and tablespoons. You use fuckin grams, liters, and all their lower equivalents.

ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO BREAD! It is important to get what you're baking right or you can fuck it up.

Remember: Cooking is an art, but Baking is a SCIENCE!!!! :3

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@itsOasus A basic income of not less than $35,000 per year+ subsidized housing with rent capped at $800 per month for a family of 4 available to whoever requests it+ additional assistance if needed would be a sweet spot.

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it's important to use the right data types when choosing your gender!

Heli heli heli heli heli I love my name so much :blobfoxmeltsoblove:

Actually, correction: it's my name, not my "preferred name"

And it's nice to see official acknowledgement of that

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holy shit I'm so excited to get my new credit card with my preferred name

this will be the first time it'll be on something... "official"? even if account communications will still be to my legal name

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the moment a society decides to charge or otherwise gatekeep basic life-essential shit, it is accepting that it will be sentencing people to death

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allegedly, Amex lets you use a preferred first name on your credit card 👀 I might have to call them and see for myself!

Do people feel bad throwing away peripherals that *mostly kinda* work, but are broken in an important way, but can't be easily fixed?

I have a whole stack of crap I would feel bad throwing away because it all sorta works even though I've replaced it all


say hello to my little friend (it's a chili cheese palmier)

*steps out of a time machine*


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It'd be pretty funny, and kinda plausible, if in ten years Tesla is primarily just a charging station company

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