found these abandoned steps in the forest on our walk today

they've been abandoned so long the trees are starting to reclaim them

irl insect, flower pic 

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the path we went down used to be an old coalmining railway that was abandoned and turned in to a public right of way, so now its just a forest with loads of bits of old railway hidden away by the plants. im going back tomorrow with my DSLR to take some proper photos because there's some absolutely beautiful things there that've been reclaimed by nature and it's exactly the stuff i love taking photos of

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@internetwolf :0 these look super cool! i love seeing stuff like this

@zagraa same! im so sad i didn't take my actual camera, i just took these on my phone :/ but we're going back there tomorrow so i hopefully should have more pics of all the other cool stuff we found!

@internetwolf it looks like the trees are eating the grips! 😍 Wonderfull pictures. Thanks

@internetwolf where did the stairs lead to? i like to find out why stuff like this exists. there are the remnants if an old path behind Parliament Hill in Ottawa, which used to be called Lovers' Lane, and all of the hardware is still there but it's been closed for 80 years.

@lyliawisteria whatever they led to isnt there anymore, the top is just fenced off and leads in to more forest

@Shufei whatever they once led to is gone now, the only thing at the top is some fence and some kind of precarious not very well trodden paths in to the undergrowth

@internetwolf that's one of my favorite things!

Hmm... I wonder if, with care, it would be possible to extract a branch or thin trunk that has grown around a piece of metal like this, including the metal... and then carefully reshape the metal with low heat, to turn it into some kind of tool? Thus giving you a tool with a handle that grew around it instead of having been shaped?

@internetwolf i'd heard of people putting arrowheads into thin branches so that the wood grows around it to hold it in place, and then after it's grown enough, cutting the branches and using them as arrows.

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