wsl is one of those things that sometimes works or fails horribly

ports renpy to python3.7 on osx in 1 month: attempts to get compilation working on windows and gives up. windows why are you so complicated

@Nemo btw how round is your instance? i see many pooltoys in there :P

the worse kind of prgramming error: a logic bug with no visible stacktrace and said error could possibly be in multiple locations

Indoor climate control is a human right and nothing anybody says can possibly change my mind

@Nemo idea one of your sonas pudgy paws as this in a ych sticker pack

HEY!! reminder for all the people moving to bofa & other instances! you can make your old account redirect to the new one, and you can also import/export your following/blocked list! please boost, seems like no one knows bout this

@catgoat im just curious what is this scss format? I dont think ive seen it before.

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