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very proud of myself, im gonna reuse an envelope AND a stamp today! :D

ive been really active on insta though,,,

i havent seen anyone here in forever ohh my godd

Transcrowdfund, urgent, transphobic abuse/violence 

I was contacted via Facebook by this 19yo trans man. He's desperate to get into a better homeless shelter. His mom recently passed away, and now he's living in a shelter where people are physically abusing him. I can't give anything right now, but I assured him that I would share.

cashapp is $MKP1223
fb pay: mk policastro.

Happy two years, Mastodon!!

Thank you all for helping me find out my identity and helping me through life's troubles. It just interacting with me in general. Thank you all!! Here's to another year!

please,, help
i want e but idk how to do it right

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dw about how the package is concealed I'm home all day and they aren't, besides i said i bought something else online

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yoo so i may or may not be considering buying estrogen without my parents knowing

uhmm what do i get?? im 16 and trying to start early but safely, not quite sure what to do help

found this cool sprinter 2800 conversion downtown. weird seeing maine plates in wisconsin.

There has to be a better way to connect inflatable reindeer holiday decorations than to human centipede them together.

i need some neopronouns for an english project go

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