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new ref sheet finally finished!! it's absolutely perfect

🎨 Art by

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trying out masto to loosen my ties with the birdsite a little and also maybe make some new friends on here? :)

I'm a huge furry, play tons of retro games, i'm a software dev for a living and do a lot of things on the side like make 3D models, draw art, etc

to avoid some confusion, my main sona is my samoyed Gabu but for this place i'm trying out using my t-rex Kibs as my identity and see how that feels :3

dont kill the part of you thats cringe!!! kill the part of you that cringes!!

new ref sheet finally finished!! it's absolutely perfect

🎨 Art by

This guy is more worthy of our attention than the kid whose daddy paid for him to go to almost space.

since the artist posted the WIP on twitter i can share it here too >:3

my ref sheet is gonna look FREAKING INCREDIBLE


love watching a fella shoot some angry water at the floor and make everything nice and clean again

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why are pressure washing youtube videos so unnecessarily calming

i mean the top two is kind of what i expected but i'm very glad the rest of them are like snail, dragons and *MONITORLIZARD*

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oooh, the explore page is a nice addition when you're not following a lot of people yet

the trending hashtags are VERY funny fdskjhf

i'm getting a ref sheet of Kibs by the same artist as my ref sheet of Gabu, it's gonna be soooo nice to have consistent style ref sheets for my two main sonas


"hey, what are you up to"

me: (kinda annoyed because they're obviously just bored and looking for someone to talk to, but i ignore my feelings and reply honestly anyway) "not much, just working, how about you?"

*silence* 😢

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