can't even sign into deviantart anymore because its new site doesn't function at all on this computer and it doesn't give the option to switch to the old version unless already signed in

@kitsch dA has always been problematic; we stopped using it ages ago when they required users to select a binary gender and didn't have any yarncrafting categories and wouldn't budge on either item. (Note that dA is now owned by Wix.)

May I recommend The owner, BogusRed, is a sweetie.

@woozle i have heard its problematicness and i don't use it to upload stuff, just that i've had an account for a long time and am following a lot of artists there and would like to at least access it

i'll look at paperdemon if/when i feel ready to upload artwork somewhere tho

@kitsch It's really a shame when an established and valued community like that is run by people who kinda fundamentally don't understand what they've got :-/

Maybe you can ue the RSS feeds instead?

@woozle yeah, it stinks

i do often forget rss feeds exist, in this case it might be a little unwieldy for my purposes, but it's a good idea thakns!

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