asking for money 

Wheelchairs, Venting, Info Request 

asking for money for car repairs 

🏁 the great zigzagoon race is here! 🏁
which one of our lovely contestants will come out on top? will it be ziggy, ziggy, ziggy, or sue? place your bets!

i've assumed it meant: binary trans ppl, nonbinary trans ppl, ppl who are nonbinary but don't identify as trans, crossdressers, and maybe 'masculine girl' and 'feminine guy' fashions? and maybe other things i'm forgetting. hadn't thought about it too much

also i've assumed that 'gender non-conforming' is an umbrella label though i realized i don't actually know what exactly it usually covers

@Raspberryfloof -nodnod- i feel similarly about all my negativity here. but it's ok, you don't have to feel guilty for it. the people who've cared about you will still care about you!

Friend in trouble, addiction, very negative --- 

Wish I was joking about that overdraft fee but if on this beautiful 9/11 you wanna help put this brown girl that would be awesome
Venmo: bridge-bridge
Cashapp: $bridgebridge

I also have a patreon for my YouTube and twitch channels! Check those out.

i'm a disabled housequeer who's only able to work from home; if you're a student or writer or have students or writers in your household who need/want help with writing assignments or writing projects, i have experience proofing, editing & giving useful feedback for essays, papers, short fiction, &poetry!

services are free for minority students, and relatively negotiable for white/cis/straight/abled comrades! if you're interested you can email 📚 :blobcatcoffee:

financial help request, boosts ok 

Still working on getting back rent together. An inspector from the city came through today to assess the damage and will likely be issuing citations to management. They're still scheduling appointments to show the apartment. We're reaching out to lawyers and trying to make sure all the back rent is in order, especially because we may have to take them to court first. Anything helps (including boosts)
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

pondering that some warm friends are 'potential big mushy snuggly' friends, and some are more like 'sort of like a sibling' friends, and some are 'sometimes sort of like an aunt' friends, and some are 'positivity nudging' friends, and of course some are not really any of those things, and it probably depends a little on mood/kitsch too

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