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im going to bed, but if anyone happens to have recommendations for usb foot pedals, that'd be cool. im looking for one i can use for push-to-talk and also as a midi input in fl studio and stuff

boob nonsense 

tiredbrain nonsense echolalia from nowhere particular, possible audiohazard? 

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one weird trick, insurance, mental health, GRS, other trans healthcare that needs letters 

we hope to release a fully functional kitsch in, uh, *looks at calendar* uh, *starts flipping pages ahead* uh, uh, um, *flipping pages faster and faster*

food // 

@Lioness is it food or shower or other things? if you want to answer

@Lioness 💗 🍀 sympathy function/depression difficulties

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Hi #mastomonday !

I do various creative stuff, usually drawing, sewing stuff or painting miniatures.

On a streak getting back into doing the latter lately, so I'll post some of my minis here!

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