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we told our brother that we admired his ability to at least try to seek fulfillment, even though he hasn't been able to so far

when you hear about this stuff in like, stories, or sometimes even personal narratives, it's usually because the person is trying to run away from themself or their problems, and those problems just come with them.
so why would kitsches be exempt from that

what chance is there that a reset, somewhere new, with the knowledge and personal resources we have now, would change anything

how would that even happen

i don't know

we were texting our brother yesterday, he'd moved to another state, but barely got there before saying he wasn't feeling it and was going to come back soon, and later said he felt unfulfilled

and it came to mind again that, i don't know what anywhere else would bring out in us, that we haven't already been told a million times, and already failed a million times, to do

we've lived in this area our whole life, bar the year of college crushed by mental health issues

kitsch is girl?

medication, adhd 

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bug thoughts 

dream pattern 

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Not everyone needs FFS, but Nataly's face-dysphoria is pretty intense; we've talked it through, and... yeah. 😟

Please do boost if so inclined.

*makes a sound like a cross between a groan and a deflating cow*

and then our dream-self feels bad because she can't remember peoples' names...

you know in dreams how if you read some writing twice it'll say something different the second time? well, we also get that with dream-people's names. they'll be introduced by one name, but later referred to by another

anyone know if @kit is okay? i haven't seen or heard ver around in a while

thinking about feelings 

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