hey, if you're following me or i follow you, and someone (especially on the fediverse) is harming or abusing or doing other such things to you, or has done so previously, and you need someone to talk to about it, or to brainstorm ideas for what to do, or things like that,

i'd be willing to do that. if you don't wanna do it on the fediverse then we can exchange discord or wire or such contact info and talk there? just, hit me up if you want that.


if you come to me for this, i will:
* listen
* offer my own thoughts or advice if you ask for them
* talk with you

i will not:
* try to push you toward taking action or taking any particular action
* tell anyone about what you've shared with me without your permission
* judge or blame you for what happened to you
* take action regarding the person without discussing it with you

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