good news re financial imperialism 


@LadyMargaret tho it would still be somewhat lacking, as none of its suggested approaches are suitable for encoding the glyph i normally type as "~<3"

@KitRedgrave you could and a number of people have

structural typing does decrease the needfulness of generics for some cases, but especially in Go's system where "[]SomeInterface" and "[]SomeTypeThatImplementsSomeInterface", for example, are incompatible, far from all use cases

@codl ( being that specific chain; cw for alcohol for their website)

@codl there is at least one theater chain in the US that is like that. they have like a long narrow table between each row of seats + an extra bit of space for staff to come through and get orders and bring you food.

horrifying on-hold telephone music 

daniel kahn and the painted bird lyrics 

@LadyMargaret i really need to get around to actually watching that film

firefox allow me to click done in the create bookmark ui without collapsing the bookmark folder tree challenge

@leftie it's been a fairly rainy day and rn it's being very audibly rainy and it's nice

@leftie okay but consider:
the opportunity to say really flowery professions of your love and intentions regarding the relationship in front of your dearest friends other than your new spouse

re: american psycho 

nana grizol lyrics 

@KitRedgrave plus if they did care they will rapidly be folded into a larger decision making structure which does not allow them to control what happens if they aren’t in line with its wishes.

@KitRedgrave yes. i have no idea how you’d do it but yes. (i mean it’s no different than compiling typescript or jsx or more recent versions of ecmascript or whatever)

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