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a week to go until smash bros ultimate,,, i have it preordered which is the first time i'll have ever had a game on launch day, so naturally i am incredibly excited

i should point out, i have never watched one piece

but goddamn do i want these d'lites

* Tra la la.
* Somewhere, it's Tuesday.
* So be careful.

shout outs to people still using usernames that they got from those three word generators in online multiplayer games for kids

if you work at microsoft and you clock out does the clocking machine play the windows xp shutdown sound

ty to those who tuned in! was a fun time playing some old flash game classics. i hope i can do this more often \o/

birthday stream in 15 mins or so! playing flash games, wanna try and make this a regular thing. gonna start with Exit Path and see where we end up

animal crossing ARG move to a small town be kind to your neighbors fall in love

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