cw: nazi mention 

Bumblebee...killed Nazis. He killed Nazis...I feel so happy and proud of him....

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My ★★★★★ review of Transformers: The Last Knight on Letterboxd

Transformers: The Last Knight might be the most self-loathing, self-destructive, chaotic, emotional, insulting, and downright beyond human comprehension work of art...and it's actually one of my favorite movies of all time...for those reasons.

When your friends want to go a little further, support them. #rats #petrats

Our existence is a gift. Our identity, make us who we are and no one is allowed to take it away from us. We deserve kindness, acceptance, hospitality, and love. If you want us to live a very very happy life, then we need to speak up. We need to fight. We need to let everyone know that we exist, we need help, we need protection, and we require their blessings. Never let anyone take away your right to live happy.

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There is no better time for all of us queers and allies to fight back against hate than now. I repeat, NOW. Not tomorrow. Today. We cannot stand around while fascists attack us in broad daylight because we exist. We have to do something to put an end to this, right now. Future generations depend on us to make sure that they can breathe without worrying about being murdered. There is no excuse for the higher power to do nothing. If they won't help us, we might as well arm ourselves.

The Lion King remake is one thing, but Pinocchio? Little Mermaid? Maleficent? Cruella??? Dumbo as well? Really?

In my opinion, they aren't even close to "soulless" like Lion King. Pinocchio is extremely colorful, we've only seen one scene in the Little Mermaid which takes place in the deep sea, Maleficent and Cruella have energy and style, and Dumbo actually has expressions.

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The word "soulless" has lost its meaning when it's the only thing that people can describe the Disney remakes.

What Playstation 1 games should I try out? NO RPGs.

i think we should ban all white male crypto investors and also kick their teeth out and take all their money

That thread by the person who used to work at Twitter about how Mastodon should adopt various aspects of Twitter had me raising a skeptical eyebrow, but I couldn’t pinpoint why until I read some of the responses. What he deemed “good from the point of view of users” were actually things that “hooked users in,” which is to say got them addicted to the site. The harms caused by Twitter are well documented. I think the author of the thread has trouble thinking outside corporate capitalist values.

#feditips if you believe your instance is being CANCELLED because it was suspended by some trans people after banning a user for saying perhaps transphobes are bad, you are on the wrong platform

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I'm glad to see black Twitter, indigenous Twitter, and anarchist Twitter all coming to fedi, this has been such a white ass red fash space for too long

There are currently more active users on than employees at twitter

Say it loud and say it clear

TERFs aren't fucking welcome here!

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