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Hey, so, I’m trying out β€˜it’ pronouns to see if they fit me. Still prefer β€˜they/them’ but I’m seeing if I’m also cool with β€˜it’ pronouns πŸ’–

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I've now got a ref sheet of Cerulean!

🎨 by @gonenannurs on birdsite!

can we take a moment to appreciate owen hurcum, mayor of bangor, in gogledd Cymru?

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Going live shortly with some more FFXIV!

Another nice chill Forza stream today, which will probably be in contrast to the chaos that'll be FFXIV raiding tomorrow~

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Going live now with Forza! It's been a while

cw - self harm 

I’m sorry that I’m such a colossal fuck up, an awful partner, a worse friend and I just wish I could stop existing

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cw - self harm 

All I’ve done since I got home from work is eat candy, punch myself, try to cry and take my meds two hours later than I should’ve

Was a nice stream today, will definitely be doing FFXIV on Twitch again at some point~

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Going live shortly for some FFXIV! Gonna be raiding some E9S

Good stream today, we actually managed to complete a trial and basically spent half the stream in a Porsche

Ended with the game crashing which was just... πŸ‘Œ

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Going live very shortly for stream number 50! It's Forza Friday, friends

Probably not gonna stream today, not feeling too great and not really in the mood to stream anyway

Will be back to streaming at some point next week after my weekend away <3

Stream was kinda fun today but it does kind of seem like getting a win is more and more elusive.

We made another friend at the very least, even if they were probably a console player so could only communicate with waves.

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Going live in a little bit with some Super Animal Royale!

stop, please! you cant call everything a nugget

dankpods, pointing at a seagull: nugget

Great stream today, though, as expected, teammates let me down.

Oh and we got a new found love for boxes.


Fun stream today, even if it didn't result in any wins

But we did make more friends along the way, which is the true Super Animal Royale

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