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Hey, so, I’m trying out β€˜it’ pronouns to see if they fit me. Still prefer β€˜they/them’ but I’m seeing if I’m also cool with β€˜it’ pronouns πŸ’–

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I've now got a ref sheet of Cerulean!

🎨 by @gonenannurs on birdsite!

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Guess who slept for 13 hours (yet woke up for a bit at 3am)

Thanks to everyone who joined the stream and watched be mostly really bad and occasionally pretty good at SAR <3

No streams until probably next Sunday, gonna be with @kimpegasus

Welp, Forza decided it didn't want to be streamed so we're SAR-ing now

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Hi I'm Cerulean and it's that time where I hyper-fixate on Splatoon but for good reason, Splatoon 3 baby, 2022 here we go

(Realistically, gimme some Klonoa Encore news already)

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Nintendo Direct predictions:

vimdeo game

Not gonna stream today, already streamed last night, woke up quite late and I’ve got other things to do today.

Will be back at it most likely on Friday, then I’ll be off for about a week <3

Late night stream was interesting and a mixture of surprise wins and garbage aim but was still fun nonetheless <3

In the mood to do a late night stream, might do that in a little bit

Also helped a friend new to the game get their first win~

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Good stream today overall, got some good wins and was generally a more chilled affair this time around <3

Legit, fursonas who wear sandals are my weakness.

If your fursona wears sandals (bonus points if they wear collars), they automatically get bonus points in my eyes.

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First two games of The Eliminator after not playing since it was released: lost in the first battle by starting in the opposite direction to where I should be going.

Third game: W I N

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