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Hey, so, Iโ€™m trying out โ€˜itโ€™ pronouns to see if they fit me. Still prefer โ€˜they/themโ€™ but Iโ€™m seeing if Iโ€™m also cool with โ€˜itโ€™ pronouns ๐Ÿ’–

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I've now got a ref sheet of Cerulean!

๐ŸŽจ by @gonenannurs on birdsite!

Another nice stream today~

I did check, I am free next Wednesday so Valheim will be on at the usual time then

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Going live shortly with some Valheim with friends!

We did it. 100 games of Super Animal Royale, 42 top placements, 39 wins and ยฃ504 for Whales and Dolphin Conservation. Thank you so so much to everyone again for joining in. You're the best! <3

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Going live shortly with the finale of the donation stream!

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Hey Mastodon, hereโ€™s the stream summary.

We raised ยฃ372.34 for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation which is incredible. Thank you to everyone who joined in, shared and donated. Yโ€™all are incredible <3

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It's almost time! Time for the big charity stream! <3

Raising money for the Whale And Dolphin Conservation

ffxiv 5.5 

I'm really warming up to Estinien as well, I didn't really think anything of him during HW but he's becoming more likable for me now

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ffxiv 5.5 

Alphinaud, my sweet baby boy, I will protect you whatever happens to Arenvald

Valheim stream went pretty well today (both in terms of content and stream stability) and I finally managed to die (three times too!)

Next stream is on Friday which is the big one~

ffxiv - diamond ex mechanic 

Once I know how to tell a spread claw out, I am going to refer to it as Lurpak Spreadable Butter Like and Subscribe and YOU CANNOT STOP ME

BUG FIXES (courtesy
* Merged Carolinas
* Long Montana
* Gun Kansas
* Rhode Island Island

* Any more disputes about Wisconsin and Michigan

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asking for money, boost = thank 

hahaaa uhh I forgot about my cell bill, and in addition to needing to getting a lab sample to my doctor for HRT, collections agents are gonna come after me for payment on the first for an old bill

if you can help, I would be relieved, obliged, and steadied

Stream was chill, came close to winning a billion times, yet never won a game

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Going live in a bit! Gonna do some solo SAR today due to my weekend being busy.

Internet issues aside, stream was very nice today~

Killed the second boss and only almost died twice!

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