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Dragon fact: dragons like being petted.

In unrelated news, please pet me

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Everything kinda sucks right now. Going offline.

I've actually played more than 69 hours but you knew I was going to take advantage of this

Pros of warmer weather:
Cons of warmer weather: Insects everywhere, my body decides it hates itself even more so, not really being able to wear my usual outfit because it's mostly black

The best part of going with 'they' pronouns exclusively is the fact my name rhymes with my pronouns and I've only just clocked that

Actually this was a bit too vague.

I'm trying out using 'they' pronouns again. 'She' pronous are still fine.

My back has decided it really doesn’t like me today

hecked up that it's national pet day and yet nobody is petting me

I’ve been awake since 8am but haven’t moved from bed because I’m so ill help

red fursona upside: the default heart emoji is for you

red fursona downside: people don't immediately realize that you're considering it

Love having that good ol’ perpetual tiredness πŸ‘

β€œNo Revels in the cast!”

Out of context work quotes

"Google+ has ceased to exist and also do you want push notifications from Google+?"

Another great piece of art from , this time of my Miqo'te character in FF14! Thanks again <3

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