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@embr Let's make every year the year of the dragon

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Dragon fact: dragons like being petted.

In unrelated news, please pet me

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Hey, um, my job interview got rescheduled & i'm still looking for other stuff, but i'm not sure if i can afford my phone bill this month?

My phone is like, my lifeline and the prospect of not having cell service is like, low-key panic inducing??

Donations of any amount are helpful

Feel free to boost

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Next Friday is gonna be a packed day for me with Terraformer coming out that day.

New Thank You Scientist alert, lyric video has very good retro America vibes.

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Today has been good but it was also a lot of walking in flip flops for the first time since last summer so my feet are doing a big oof.

not nonbinary as in not binary, nonbinary as in fuck you

This week's not been good for me whatsoever.

what if you started mario kart 8 deluxe and mario said "MARIO KART, EIIIIIIIIII" and it never stopped and kept getting louder and you turned the switch off but it kept going forever

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