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hi i made a smol chorded keyboard + mouse and wrote a short thing about it (not quite a blog post, more just random thoughts and technical details) 🌼 πŸ’•

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help i was going "haha fall guys what if words different" and accidentally came up with a perfect name for a game i wanted to make at some point about just wandering around town at night and talking to and hanging out with random peeps just wanting to be alone with their thoughts but also happy to share the space with you

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remembering my diy keyboard that had a dedicated neko key,,

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dedicated calculator buttons on keyboards are unreasonably funny to me

i sometimes just keysmash for fun and i feel like i'd probably crash my laptop with one of those


you thought a cat sleeping on your keyboard was slightly inconvenient,

*hops on your desk*
*thumps legs against your keyboard, opening at least twenty calculators and three browsers loading tens of sites at the same time*


tea,, give me leaf water,, 🌿🍡

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buuny (slepy, requires an wake up) 🐰🌼

it's sorta cool outside and im wearing my favourite jacket and comf,,

time to bang a few bits
i know nothing about serial timing im sure it'll go well



maybe i'll finally learn bit-banging,,

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yaay, scroll wheel hardware is working now (salvaged a working ir from an old mouse)

now for the big one, the heckin mouse sensor.. i've tried two libraries for it and neither worked ;w;

one used hardware spi but the chip wants to use 3-wire which i'm not sure how you work in practice.. another (a rough lib by a ploopy dev, funnily enough) used bit-banging but i think it's for a variant with no reset pin ;w;

got it to start the sensor at least but not getting data back =w="

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actually gonna see if any of my old mice has a slightly smaller ir led in em,

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