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fedi, personal 

if you follow me there's a post upthread about how i interact with fedi nowadays

tldr: i can't follow a lot of folks, it's not personal if i unfollow you, and i probably find you cool and nice anyways :blobcatheart:

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hi i made a smol chorded keyboard + mouse and wrote a short thing about it (not quite a blog post, more just random thoughts and technical details) 🌼 πŸ’•

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oh so tls/https is just really easy to setup huh o.o

(honestly just the yakuza games cause expensive otherwise =w=")

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by which i mean
"403 Forbidden"
"500 Internal Server Error"

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mmmm learning nginx config for uh... fun...

time to put a raspberry pi on the internet with no knowledge of internet security 😎

(well okay i know what not to do generally)

it's just a very chill and pretty sandbox πŸ’•

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i forgot how good the spritework in simpark is

some lush flowers and bushes and cute raccoons and skunks and rats,

can now stream my windows xp netbook :>

buny have an desk,,
πŸ’»πŸ°πŸ› οΈ

also one that can like, actually fit my screen and also electronics gubbins uvu

i can't really fit a corner desk or two smaller ones in my flat so yayayaya

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wanna pet giant buny
big hoppy fluffy puppy

covid ment, + 

five and a half hours in buses: the day
tired but also fully vaxxed yayaya πŸŽ‰

covid ment, + 

i had to get up at like half seven for my second vax ;w;

put together an smd kit to test out my new soldering iron, i like the it,,

also smd isn't as intimidating as i thought c:

(the board just blinks some lights with a 555 and a counter)

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