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made a private account @minbun c:
feel free to follow for occasional vents and lewds maybe,

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also don't poke an exposed el wire it's like 100v ac and it stings!!

also the inverter makes a very disapproving noise at u

tbf this panel is very cheap and has a tiny track for the other connection so eh,

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yeh nah this el thing ain't happening without conductive goop, tried soldering directly to it and nope

just got a premade panel =n=

learning to electronic, one burnt component at a time,

it did glow for a second before fzzzz and left a burn mark on it so i guess the panel still works?? which is good??

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exploring the joy of trying to solder onto el panel.. tried conductive silver paint that just burned away =n=

gonna just try to punch a few holes into it and route a resistor lead or some thin wire through it, maybe it'd take some solder like that

would be a bit easier if i had conductive glue =s=

could just wire it across 2 of the 4 batteries but that's gonna annoy me to no end

maybe put em in parallels of 2 and then boost up the 6v since my boosts are small enough to maybe fit in there

would rather not stick a 3.3v linear regulator in there cause it might get toasty and drain the batteries v fast -n-

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calculator backlight time *u*
just have to figure out how to power it since the el inverter needs 3v and the calc needs 6v

up, up, and aweh!! *flops down next to u*

yaay e-ink

i meant to use it for a clock but these multicoloured ones don't support partial refresh and the full refresh takes 15-ish seconds during which the whole screen flashes..

maybe good for a calendar / weather thing though :thinkhappy:

oo it's double gubbins time today.. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

i chose turnip as my callsign in forza horizon and aa it's actually a cute nickname..
i'm lil root veggie..

- bro did u flirt with my partner
- yeah what of it bro he's cute
- thanks bro he was having a bad night and you cheered him up bro
- aww bro

i will never not get unreasonably excited over compact and smol cozy spaces

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a well organised tiny workspace full of tools and equipment: *exists*
me: *vibrates excitedly* πŸ‘€

world cold, buny.. also cold
it's like a degree above freezing okay
need warm ;n;


buny need hot choccy =u=
buny also need cudl but hot choccy will do,

god i love being in the rain in waterproof clothes =w=
refreshin' and comf,

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