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brb looking up how much weight a clothesline can support which is in no way related to getting a hammock and needing to test it before going camping

oo solvespace looks pretty neat, gonna try if it's a bit more stable than freecad

it looks a lot simpler at least which is nice (for my purposes, to freecad's credit they support a shiteload of different modeling styles but i just need constraints and stuff ;w;)

despite not meshing well with i3 (i never need tiling), i still really love the simplicity of it for customisation stuff and i wish there was a similar thing with (proper) floating windows ;w;

awesome is close, but it's really overwhelming and i couldn't really get my head around lua (for the purposes of plugins and stuff around the api anyways)

need to get my bike off the ground somehow, trying to tune the derailleurs is a dang hassle when you need to keep lifting the rear wheel up and reaching down to pedal ;w;

kinda wanna paint my bike but i'm dreading the shiteload of sanding that requires ;w;

the old paint is sorta flaking off though so it prob needs to happen at some point to keep it from rusting,

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i love the freedom to roam faq the finnish environmental agency has on their site for gems like

"a private road owner has tried to restrict usage of their swimming spot by putting in a beam across the road, is this allowed?"
"the road owner can put in a beam on their road. however, you can just walk around the beam"

today is snooz day
open invitation to snooz with buny

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hearing loud electric guitar amp sounds followed by rumbly engine revving is An Energy but i'm unsure what kind of energy it is


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alter ego seems like a neat idea for 1986 but gah is it painfully cis, straight, middle-class, white, etc etc

it's very weird to explore a life-simulation that simulates a *very* narrow life experience (even if it's modeled as the experience of an "ordinary" american at the time)

thinking about how dang cute camping cookers are

just like: here is my whole kitchen, it fits snugly in a pot

hmmm i think i figured out why peeps don't maybe use lightweight tarp with their hammocks

very rustly,,
(it'll work fine though and also, 2€ vs 35€ minimum uvu)

okay neat, i was looking at hammock specific tarps that start at 35€

a light 2x3m tarp with attachment loops is a whopping 2€..

need to make one of those black and white block letter logos that looks like it'd be for a skate brand but it's


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