popping up a polkit window and not immediately focusing on it is v dangerous, elementaryOS,,,

im fairly sure my cool microg + resurrection remix phone is broken now ;-;

there's like a 50/50 chance that i won't get any notifications for hours and i can't turn off vibration for notifications at all sometimes and bleh

really enjoying the mood of this airport at night
marginally still operational and open for people to exist in, but so sleepy and calm

it's time for "can sam stay awake and play binding of isaac for eight hours until airport security opens in the morning"

scrolling through fedi in public and resisting the temptation to open toots with lewd cws every five seconds

oh my gosh
pupper went out in the rain (he hates rain) because he wanted an apple :'>>

i forgot my keyboard has a dedicated oneko key :blobcatreach:

i got them tired eyes
just waiting for the rest of me to catch up

oh my god
website where it's just a virtual tea house and you get served a random cup of tea :blobfoxmorningtea:

🐢 weff (i am awake and i wish y'all a nice day and also offer virtual tea for all the tired souls)

i'm slowly turning around on seasons, i used to really dislike autumn but i really like the look of trees with only a few leaves in em and the autumney wet rainy fresh scent now

building a rust program with 200 crates on my netbook
mmm, hot cpu smell

maybe i should do another watchthrough of office or scrubs and finish this crochet blanket i haven't touched in two years :thinkhappy:

found out my shite laptop speaker is great for blasting out really trashy (in a good way) punk at too high volumes

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