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my goal is to emit the most "patient and gentle grandma tries to get computer to draw nice thing" energy

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aaaa it's sunny and i'm warm and i don't wanna leave this porch :blobfoxmelt3:

this is an annual confirmation that nujabes still good as heck

another reflection especially rn πŸŽΆπŸ’•πŸŒΈ

hmm, classic mac os is comfy as heck

i guess it has kept a lot of the same sorta design that it feels natural to switch to it from OS X but i could see myself doing code work in it
mmm bitmap fonts,,,

couldn't make an image of the finnish version of jumpstart spanish that was retooled over here to teach english (and swedish but i had the english one) ;w;

buny tugs at your sleeve until you pet her and call her a good girl 🐰🌸

and only one of them had self-destructed in the zipping process leaving only the executable but no game files!!

eight hours later i have some neat zipped educational games ready to upload uwu

(most of that time was spent fighting with maczip, then finding out i needed to rebuild my desktop, then fighting with it some more)

a friend!!
(the disc itself was just advertising their now defunct website and some step by step instructions on brushing u teeth)

nevermiiiiiind the voice direction in the finnish version of jumpstart preschool is weird as heck so that deserves a video,,

one game that i really wanna find again is an educational game that just had a bunch of different ecosystems that you could click around in to learn stuff (legit only remember that it had a platypus because ehehe flat duck im love)

don't have the disc for it anymore cause we gave it to my preschool ;w;

i think it was called something generic too like "nature cd-rom" which doesn't help,

lmao all the ones i archived today are ones that just have personal value to me, they aren't that interesting overall ;w;

except maybe one that's a pirate adventure thing with minigames and stuff

also they'd be macintosh only for now since win98 emulation is pretty flakey (and can't really do 3D) and i don't have a capture card for my old laptop, but there's a few interesting ones that i could do, still

a thought: would literally anyone be interested in english subtitled no commentary videos of finnish kids' games

probably not of every game i played as a kid because they're just translations, but some that i find interesting and finnish/swedish only (or mulle meck / masa mainio which is amazing anyways)

i think i've seen a video or two of the more popular ones but they're sort of a gamble as to if they're gonna have commentary on top and i find no-commentary stuff comfy

okay a couple of them are just finnish versions of more common games like the jumpstart series or the way things work but there are a few that afaik are finnish/swedish only

will i go as far as taking pics of the jewel cases and discs and manuals for these old as heck educational cd-roms that are only in finnish and maybe one person cares about anymore (it's me)

maybe, :thinkhappy:

nvm i'm actually archiving old finnish educational kids' games for the macintosh ;w;

good morning it's time to get annoyed at youcompleteme and also maybe write some code too 🌞

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