windows maze screensaver aesthetic mood,

jumping straight into vulkan with fuckall knowledge of opengl is not a good idea probably

but shiny new and probably endlessly frustrating tech, πŸ‘€

almost through the rust book! :blobfoxbongo:
next up, opengl and gl es ;w;

also because of the way that rhymes my name is now totally pronounced say-am

almost four am sam says: what'm'st an sleep schedule?

also apparently the manual focus sounds like there's sand in the mechanism but, pretty,,,

can we take a moment to appreciate how pretty the canon 70-210mm f4 is
- lil rangefinder
- pump zoom instead of rotate
- cool af grips to work with pump action

now i just have to find my macro lens that i've definitely had at some point but can't for the life of me find,

put magic lantern (custom software thingy that has a bunch of extra features and stuff) on my cheap dslr and i can actually use manual focus now :blobfoxaww:

time for rancid's end session bootleg listenthrough number n

it's freezing outside and i can't find my winter coat πŸ₯Ά

torrent of op ivy's seedy (bootleg mono recording done on a portable tape deck) in flac :thojne:

this morning's mood is looking up lyrics to op ivy songs cause wow is it hard to understand punk singers some times but also falling way more in love with the tracks cause wow punk lyrics good

basically anything warm and professional looking that isn't the basic hi vis yellow just hhh

why work uniforms so good

i saw a london DLR worker while at egx and frick, such a good uniform,,,

crocheting is so heckin calming :marshmallow_heart:
extremely good to make soft things,,,

basically i want a good cute comf not too thinky game that takes a few minutes to play (this rules out OSRS cause i always end up playing for like an hour)

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