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transmisogyny, threat 

here's the thread I saw that resolved the issue for me (it has more technical details than I can honestly understand, so if my explanation isn't satisfactory, a better one may be here)

I love this process (I see something in Rust I don't understand; I research it; I understand and agree) because it convinces me of how well designed Rust is to achieve it's own goals, and I feel more competent as a programmer to be able to grasp these design decisions (even partially) :)

if you had code like `let x = [0, 1, 2, 3]`, and you tried to access x[4], that should be trivial to verify. and it is! but...

what if you tried to access x[myFunction()]? what are the possible return values for myFunction? theoretically, any number! even though integer types have defined minimum and maximums, the number of permutations is *huge*.

the argument I saw is that Rust doesn't give compiler warnings for the trivial cases, b/c it gives a false sense of security wrt the complex cases

I've been re-learning Rust lately and god, I love this language so much! every time I run into something I don't understand from the tutorials, I look it up and so far I've always been satisfied with the resolution.

for instance, today I learned that out of bound accesses on arrays (which are of a static length) are _not_ checked for during compile time. (if you don't know, one of Rust's huge features is that the compiler checks for many, many possible errors).

so what gives?? it seems easy!

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Super happy to present a new Cheese Talks interview, this time chatting with #Linux based developer and modder @jplebreton about #DOOM, FPS games, NPCs and his work-in-progress mod where you make friends with monsters, Mr Friendly

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Yo, me and my roommate are looking for a roommate in the PNW/ Portland area for a three bedroom apartment in late July/August.

I have do have a medium size dog that does bark from time to time and my roommate has a very vocal cat. We're looking for someone who is also LGBT friendly.
We're looking to split rent and utilities so that we're each paying $500 to $600 a month.

If you're interested hmu and we can meet and see if we can get along.

and yes my idea of chilling out is starring at a strategy puzzle for three minutes and then yelling "OH NO" when I realize it's almost certainly impossible for me to avoid fucking _something_ up

I have been playing Into The Breach a lot lately to chill out and omg, I have not had this much fun with a roguelite since I got into a good swing with Desktop Dungeons a couple years ago!

on the plus side Into The Breach is waay easier (only comparatively) than Desktop Dungeons. I've been mostly enjoying trying out all the mech teams!

I just love so much how good the game is almost all the time at conveying all information to you. the UX is probably the single best part of the game, wow!

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I made a new game!! for the "Chess Jam"... wow, chess you can EAT?


anyways play it here

I'm pretty exhausted rn from working on it over the past week and a half so I don't have more to say yet, but, it's a 0-2 player game and it's the funniest thing I've ever made


in way, game design for me is just an excuse to make menus with 100 different semi-random sfx just so I can please myself by slamming on every button

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Hey folks!! It's nearing the end of the month, which means it's time to bump my Patreon again.

It's been a slow month for growth since my productivity's mostly been centered on Meatpunks -- any amount you can give is greatly appreciated!


on basically a whim, I started making a very, very silly game for Chess Jam if only because my idea made me laugh so hard.

don't wanna say too much since I want to keep it all a surprise BUT... this is my first game with a local two-player mode, and also it still makes me laugh every time I play it. it will be done within the week, for real this time!!

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@HTHR My father-in-law just sent me some snaps of that epistle 3 article and I wanted to congratulate you on getting this printed

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Fundraiser update 

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today I am proud to announce the release of VG2! that is- Vegetable Grower 2! this action packed sequel to the original has many features:
- over 1000 acres of farm to cultivate!
- built-in textual navigation!
- limited character options!

check it out here:

DISCLAIMERS: Vegetable Grower 2 was supposed to be an April fool's joke, but in classic nikki form it's very late cause of mh reasons. oops.

the *real* VG2 is still in development and should be done in a few months. anyways, this only like, 5 minutes long, so enjoy in the meantime!

also, there is no "Vegetable Grower 1", just to be clear (sry if this 'ruins' that joke but I don't want to actually mislead people)

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