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hello mastodon, i released my first LP the other day. if you like electronic music and you like seeing trans women succeed then please listen and share it with your friends! every purchase helps me and my wife pay our bills.

eight pieces of minimalist meditation and transfeminine noisemagic

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t-shirt that just says "I like the truck"

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last year don't look
2018..... hello

hey y'all. I'm sorry I haven't been around at all in a while... I haven't had the energy to keep up with mastodon.

I'm very grateful for everybody who's been able to keep sharing my donation posts and/or donate to me and decky. it's made a big difference in our lives so far. thank you all

I'm very grateful for the donations so far, thank you everybody :)

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@mno de-drm'ing books from adobe digital editions is very straightforward

install ade and calibre. download and install it in calibre (preferences > advanced > plugins > load plugin from file)

open the .ascm file for the book. ade will open and download the drm'd epub to "my documents\my digital editions" (windows) or "documents/digital editions" (mac)

then just open the epub in calibre and it will automatically de-drm and save to the calibre library

the fact that so many ebooks are loaded with drm is a sin.

as an (ex-)student I still have access to some ebook resources from my college, and this book that I have "unlimited access" to gives me the options of downloading up to 1/3rd of the book as a PDF, or downloading the "whole thing" to some DRM service Adobe runs. if I choose the latter, I can only keep it for 21 days.

the idea of any person seeing this and thinking "this is acceptable" makes me sick

this happens most often with board game boxes, which is all the more jarring because I can hold this deceptive shape in my hands and be baffled by it

it always weirds me out when something I assume to be a square turns out to be a rectangle, and something I assume is not a square turns out to be a square

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It's Glorious Trainwrecks Sekret Santa time!!!

New people always welcomed!!!

The deal is: you make a list of things you might like in a game, then someone'll make you something, and you'll make someone something, and all the games are great and beautiful.

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@mno have you turned the content process count down in the settings?

the new firefox is really quick... at using up way too much memory!!! aaaah

f'real though, I can't have chrome and firefox open at the same time now and it's like... seriously? my computer isn't even _that_ old, this is just absolutely absurd.

I guess I assumed that firefox's backend being overhauled meant it'd be faster *and* less memory hungry...