so I'm not really a programmer (I dabble in computational biology) but I've decided to learn c in my spare time

family conflict (dream) 

I had a weird dream that my dad was mad at me and was threatening to take my TV and I was like "uh well I mean I live 12 hours away from you by car and it's my TV that I own but if you want to try then be my guest"

I just for the first time heard someone refer to a pecking order in the context of chickens and realized a pecking order is an actual thing and it isn't just some random idiom that came out of thin air

I'm popping back onto this account again, sorry for the inactivity :blobcoffee:

slightly neg 

wish I could dualboot linux without bricking my computer like a dumbass


I'm gonna make kimchi fried rice tomorrow I'm hyped hyped hyped

it's always nice to listen to old radio/podcasts with other people


nutritional yeast smells like LB powder

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I was cooking with nutritional yeast and now I smell like nutritional yeast

skin stuff 

I'm breaking out wtf

gotta go to lab and to the grocery store but don't want to leave my house


who was the genius that was like "hey guess what guys... we're gonna take some pasta... and PUT stuff in it"

if anything it's a lot less hectic than the end of my rotation last semester.

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