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I have an idea for a new furry convention.
We get a bunch of our friends together and all book rooms in a beach town somewhere on the same dates, and here's the big part: that's it. You can do whatever you want, you're at a beach town with your friends and their friends and y'all can just figure out what you wanna do, no pretense of registering or shit just the part where you're playing jackbox with pals with no fear of 'missing out on something'

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christmas horror food 

peppermint anything really

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Internet advertising is such a shit show

CW health 

You know that really weird feeling before you get sick where everything feels a little surreal and you just don't feel all there? Maybe it was all the Pina coladas and accompanying acid reflux last night but I've felt like trash all day today

Not liking this going to work early and working longer hours thing we're doing the next few weeks, nor having to jump all over fires and not get any of my actual tasks done

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@cypnk @paeneultima @wersimmon This reminds me of the limerick template:

There once was a [person] from [place]
Who [insert more detail in this space];
When [a theme for adults
goes in here] it results
In a [rude, but still logical case]

Only thing I'm really not liking about tusky so far is that after a while it insists on jumping to the latest toots, making it hard to catch up with what I missed, anyone else know how to solve that? Or have recommendations for a different client?

Getting sick of Twitter, hoping Mastodon takes off in the fandom


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