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cool enderman idea: when in snow, they gather it on their heads. when they teleport, it falls off with a ploof

i woke up and i immediately just wanna go right back to sleep tbh
i feel genuinely terrible!

(loud slap as i thwack my tail on the ground) who's ready to sleep

im awake now
i decided to rest for a while after i woke so im just v relax now

*pumps shotgun, grinning* who's ready for an adventure

im gonna get so fuxing healthy i'll be EPIC and HUGE

bixhs be lik3 fuuuuururhrnnrnrnnahahhthnthrh3jrinrnfnrnrheheheneb ?????????????????????????? ◇

whats the deal with pollinators?? dont you know you cant be a BEE LAWYER

I channel my LOGIC and REASON into my SUPER SWORD and just like collapse like an accordion like a lame idiot

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