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it is a good idea to follow me on >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> snoots onloone @pearshapes dot com

hello nerds
im moving platform
you can find me here

hey just for your FUCKING information i'm joined snouts now so i'll be making bad posts there instead go here and subscrive to my channel ! thanks

i need urgently to talk to someone about my minecraft music interpretations and opinions

not sure about this "bad takes" business online, might shift myself to somewhere else

i had a dream about being a pilot in a plane crash
we landed rather gently on a field and i drove the nose into an outcropping of trees so we wouldn't slide
it was actually rather bizarre and rewarding

Psi Power is actually just a measure of how good you are at inflating balloons and the like

cant wait to fucking transform into a robot and crush ym enemies

not gonna lie honestly, i would appreciate a little deflate time. pack me into a small box for an hour with some instructional videos and let me immerse myself in calming silence

i'm actually just a very long balloon, fill me with food and i'll make farting noises with my mouth for you

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