the major's "gentlemen, I love war" speech is just him talking about how much he loves playing paradox games

also it's bizarre how close the actual Alucard and abridged Alucard are in terms of voice acting

@hierarchon gonna be quite honest, i haven't watched it recently enough to remember the ultimate VA so every time i think about it he's just the abridged VA

"look, *this time* it was actually not my fault!"


@IngaLovinde @hierarchon hellsing ultimate (an anime) vs hellsing abridged (the youtube abridged series of said anime)

cw: lots of blood, probably some other stuff we didn't watch the whole clip, just some of alucard's voice acting (ultimate)

vs (abridged)

@pericynthion @hierarchon Oh, I didn't know YouTube did an abridged version (of OVA?). I only knew about that old TV adaptation and a bit less old OVA.

@IngaLovinde @hierarchon team four star did the abridged series, but it's uploaded on youtube

and yeah, ultimate is the name of the OVA series. i've never watched the originals, just ultimate

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