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I just wanted to share these two BC I'm impressed with how they turned out


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"pure" is a series of unedited texture photographs

more at: instagram.com/deadhorus

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i post a lot of similar stuff on instagram.com/deadhorus/ - the series of 14 "pure" photos arent edited, as opposed to the rest of my posts

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you: hey
me: what is up, my dog
you (a dog): not much

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@jk my review scale goes from a perfect score of 0 to a mediocre score of Meh, no good games allowed here

skyrim? shit. mass effect? shit. the only game worth any salt is puzzle pirates.

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warm typhlosion friend,,,,,soft,,,,,

aaand a quick click of the "format" ordering button fixes that up nicely. bless discogs, its really useful when you need it to be.

the problem now is filtering through these 634 records to the point of only having to deal with albums instead of singles

thank god discogs has a "filter by genre" function when viewing a labels output. reduced a list of 31,131 records down to a mere 634 in one move

no longer state owned, mind you

blimey, melodiya is still going to this day

but yeah i think, the best way im gonna really find the stuff im after is via discogs and going from there

thats genres across the board, like theres an album by a jazz quartet in here so yknow, we got some interesting listening coming up here

ok so i found out there was a 27 cd collection that was basically a whole shitload of compilations containing a bunch of (what i assume to be remastered) tracks from certain (presumed popular) artists from the era. this should be a relatively good in point and also have a nice mix of genres too

side note: russian is still a cool as hell language tbqh

rutracker, as if there was any doubt, has supplied me with two whole pages of cheeky downloads for stuff from this label, so i should be p good to go in terms of discovering some new stuff

turns out, back when ussr was a thing, p much all the music releases went thru one specific label called Melody (or melodiya, if you wanna use romanized russian i guess?), so that'll make it infinitely easier to track down stuff im after here (that good good soviet synth music)

basically take casiopea, make it more space age-y and rock inspired and you have this album

ohhh this album is good. zodiac's "disco alliance" youtube.com/watch?v=OdiqK0Fz3D

that said it only has three episodes i feel its too early to start moving away from the noise-arch collection

i really need to just download the entire fucking thing onto my external hard drive at some point

ohhh i should make a remnant psyches episode based off soviet synth music

the "remove all boosts from home timeline" function is honestly something that twitter desperately needs