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mmmmmm i kinda feel like making another episode of remnant psyches

its been 3 months since i put out the last episode of it...

is it time to boost it? maybe. theres only three episodes though

ok so like. every so often i dive into the noise-arch collection on archive org and find a whole mix of different neat sounding tunes, and smash them together into a 15-20 minute mix that comes off sorta dreamlike and strange. its a thing to let me experiment and be artsy as possible, so if it sounds good to you then please check it out~


avery @posit

double promo time because Please Look At My Things;

i also co-host and produce a podcast about watching every single DiC cartoon/movie/etc possible with my friend, which is usually great fun especially if you like hearing people talk about how badly things have aged since the 80s/90s.

you can listen to that over on our website here: mostlykobolds.com/?page_id=40